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Certified Executive in Web Content Management

There’re many well-paid web content management job openings but few qualified candidates to fill them. Study, get trained and qualify as a specialist in web content management with the course Certified Executive in Web Content Management offered by PACE Institute.

With hundreds and thousands of job openings in the private sector, but not enough people adept in this craft, web content management skills are widely sought-after. The demand stems from the fact that it all, that is, from small websites to web portals to massive eCommerce sites, requires web content management in one form or another. At PACE Institute, we get many inquiries calling for applicants with sound knowledge in web content management among our students, and we are fully aware that many job openings in this field exist at a number of organisations.

The Course

Certified Executive in Web Content Management is basically a job-focused training course meant for those who aspire to a job in content management. The idea of a job-oriented training course in web content management was born as we were contemplating a practical solution to meet the growing web content management requirements in the corporate world and also empower the aspiring local youth with a job-oriented qualification in this field which will make them employable.

You will be given assignments and also exposed to actual projects enabling them to get much needed career exposure. Further, once you’ve successfully completed this, you will be recommended to various organisations in the corporate sector, and you may further get yourself qualified in more advance web disciplines.

Course Highlights


  • Introduction to Web Content Development and Management
  • Introduction to Content Management Systems
  • Web Content Development Essentials
  • Tools & Techniques - Introduction to useful tools & techniques
  • Documentation and Reporting (MS Office / Google Docs)
  • Introduction to Web Building Using HTML, CSS & JavaScript + Responsive
  • Guidelines & Best Practises of Content Management
  • Introduction to Web Accessibility (ADA Compliant)
  • Basics in Digital Marketing (Search Engine Optimization, Analytics)

Target Audience

Job Seekers

Course Duration

32 hours


Rs. 10000/=


Students who successfully complete Certified Executive in Web Content Management will be awarded a certificate.

Why Take up this Course?

Using a highly practical and career-focused training methodology, students will be comprehensively guided. Upon the completion of this course, all students will be issued a valuable certificate and given internships in web content management too. The best-performing students will be offered career opportunities too.

Why Select PACE?

  • Training by the Industry Experts
  • State-of-art Study Facilities
  • Friendly & Supportive Staff
  • Hybrid (Online plus Offline) Training Mode
  • Convenient Location on High Level Road
  • TVEC- approved Higher Education Institute
  • Backing of eBEYONDS, an international eBusiness & Digital Marketing Solutions Company

Acquire a valuable qualification in web content management and be job ready.

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Why PACE ?

  • Career-oriented lecturing & Training
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  • Affordable Prices



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