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Professional Qualifications

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PACE is dedicated to offering our students the top professional qualifications most sought-out by today’s employers.

The resource people at PACE comprising of industry specialists, educational advisors, and experienced career counselors are thoroughly knowledgeable about the current job market trends.

Also, they have the capacity to effectively forecast about the future inclinations in the local and global professional educational sphere and in the job market.

We constantly do research to improve our curricula, teaching methodologies and assessment techniques with the purpose of moulding you into a high-calibre professional.

Highly Distinguishable

PACE qualifications stand out from those offered by our counterparts due to their high quality that helps you perform superbly in your career assuring success in your professional life.

Standing for much more than a CV enhancer, they form high quality prerequisites that give you a sound footing on your chosen career whether you’re already employed or on-the-look-out for a job.

They also meet the exact requirements in the current job market giving both employees and employers a win-win opportunity.

Professional Esteem & Recognition

Professional esteem is a concept that is important but not much talked about. It is the driving force that makes the professionals understand their strengths, appraise their capabilities and get themselves in tune with their ambience.

Professional Recognition offers the opportunity to be recognized as you move up the career ladder as a reflective, accomplished and enquiring professional, continually enhancing your practice at all stages of your career.

Professional Recognition aligns primarily with the standard of professional learning that you have received.

PACE professional qualifications are of such high quality that you will become a widely recognized professional with a high esteem about you.

PACE Approach

PACE lecturing methodology

PACE lecturing techniques are developed to efficiently deliver substantial amounts of information to the students.

PACE is a firm believer in innovative teaching practices in disseminating knowledge to students without subjecting them to long, monotonous lectures that run for hours.

Our lectures consist of a number of interactive methods like reading assignments, small group activities, discussions in addition to quality lectures. We also offer more current and up-to-date knowledge than other Sri Lankan educational institutions.

Discussion of real-world scenarios

PACE students will get to experience a more dynamic, discussion-oriented learning based on real world, practical scenarios.

PACE is a paradigm shift from the traditional, instructor-centered model of education to a participant-centered one in which students play a lead role in their own and each other's learning.

Option of weekday or weekend studies

PACE knows that you have busy schedules; hence, we offer flexible schedules to match them.

Join PACE Life and Career Enrichment Society

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PACE Life and Career Enrichment Society is the cumulative effort of PACE lecturers, administrative staff, student counselors, current alumni and PACE’S parent company - eBEYONDS.


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