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A "Value Plus Professional"is a highly competent individual who possesses strong professional credentials plus other essential attributes that make him or her a significant contributor to the success and growth of his or her employer.

With the abundance of eager job candidates and plenty of over qualified performers, competing in the current job market can be a tricky affair. However qualified you are, they may not be enough to get your dream job or that promotion you've had your eye on.

Regardless of how many paper qualifications you have, if you are not an agreeable person, cannot communicate effectively or solve problems efficiently you are far away from being the employee that your boss does not want to lose.

Slow down from the rat race and re consider the situation. The world is technologically advancing day by day. The best practices and business benchmarks constantly keep changing .You have to be wise enough to adapt yourself to match the current trends or you will be defeated.

Every boss wishes to have qualified , dependable, proactive employees who are great team players and have strong work ethics, have "winning" attitudes ,can cope up positively with day to day work issues, are confident with high energy, take responsibility, are passionate about their work, have self-discipline and the list goes on.

It is a sad truth that Sri Lanka is not blessed with an institution-either government or private that cater to this gap in today’s world. Even the small numbers of those who have identified this issue do not have proper programmes to address this gap successfully.

PACE institute has tactically and purposefully invented its objectives and targets in order to help the organizations and individuals to seal this void by generating much demanded value employees through its distinctive, grooming route of education, where the aspects of grooming and personality building are concentrated.

Don’t you feel like it’s high time to fine tune yourself to make a noteworthy and compelling impact at your work place?

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