Student Registration Application

I hereby apply for registration as a student and kindly request you to consider my application favourably.

Important: Please read the student’s acceptance of the conditions of the application before you submit the application.

Student’s Acceptance of the Conditions of the Application

In consideration of the Institute’s granting and considering such registration, I give the following undertakings:

  • To accept the right of the Management of PACE Institute to reject or accept this application to register as a student at the PACE Institute and accept the decision of the PACE Institute’s Management.
  • To be governed in my relations with the PACE Institute by the institute’s bylaws, rules, regulations, and rules of professional conduct.
  • To accept direction and control of the PACE Institute in all matters relating to studies, practical experience, and discipline.
  • To make payments in time for the services received from the institute.
  • To accept the decision of the PACE Institute’s Management to discontinue me as a student for not adhering to the institute’s rules and conditions.
  • To devote my time entirely for my studies and career and personality development especially within the PACE Institute premises.
  • To agree to receive information and communication and contact details provided by me.
  • If a student causes some damage to someone or their property in the course of your actions, then they shall pay the full amount to compensate for the damage. Any reference in these terms to the liability of a student shall also infer liability on the parents or the guardian of the student.
  • Students are expected to be exemplary in behaviour towards others and initiating disputes within the PACE Institute premises is highly prohibited.
  • Only those students who have attended classes for over 80% of the lecturers/practicals per module are permitted to sit for the final assessment of each course. If you have any mitigating circumstances to forward, they should be forwarded to the program administrative section no less than 07 days before the relevant examination.
  • Possession of or transportation of the following material into the PACE Institute process will result in the student registration being cancelled.
    • Narcotics or Banned substances.
    • Weapons of any nature which can be used to harm anyone.
    • Cigarettes, Consumable Alcohol.
    • Pornographic material.

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