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A High-level, Interpreted, interactive & powerful Object-oriented scripting language, Python is great for backend web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing. Many developers also use Python to build productivity tools, games, and desktop apps, so there are plenty of resources to help you learn how to do those as well. With a bundled development environment called IDLE, Python runs anywhere, including Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Unix.

Considering the rising significance of Python both in the local and global contexts, PACE Institute in affiliation with Star Certification (USA) provides lectures and training for Star Python Certification in Sri Lanka. Students who complete the training will be eligible to sit for the examination conducted by Star Certification (USA) after they’ve paid the exam fees due to the PACE Institute.


Beginner to Intermediate or anyone who is either a new learner in Programming, or someone who knows other Programming Languages like C, C++, Java & Ruby, but wants to get introduced to Python programming.

PYTHON Course Objectives:

  • How to program in Python etc.
  • Implementing Data types, statement, operators and strings etc.
  • Implementing OOPs in Python
  • Create GUI Applications using Python
  • Connecting with databases
  • Implementing TCP Socket connectivity

Course Content

Part I : Essentials of Programming with Python

  1. Python: An Introduction
  2. Creating your First program in Python
  3. Data Types: Classifying data in Python
  4. Implementing Input and Output operations
  5. Operators: Performing logical and mathematical operations
  6. Statements: Controlling the Program flow
  7. Strings: A Sequence of Characters
  8. Arrays: Arranging Similar Objects Systematically
  9. Implementing functions in Python
  10. Lists and Tuples: Managing data Systematically
  11. Dictionaries and other Data Structures (link list, Stacks, Queues)
  12. Recursion and Algorithms in Python

Part 2: Object Oriented Programming

  1. Implementing Oops concepts, Classes and Objects
  2. Implementing Inheritance in Python
  3. Implementing Polymorphism in Python
  4. Interfaces and Abstraction in Python

Part 3: Implementing Graphics in Python

  1. Creating GUI using Python

Part 4: Accessing Data in Python

  1. Handling Files I/O
  2. Connecting to Database in python

Part 5: Additional Concepts

  1. Handling Errors and Exceptions
  2. Regular Expressions
  3. Interacting with Networks
  4. Handling Concurrency using Threads
  5. Handling numbers, dates and Times

 Part 6: Labs

  1. Implementing Expressions, Variables, Quotes, Basic Math operations, Strings: Basic String Operations & String Methods, List, Tuples, Dictionaries, Arrays
  2. Implementing Statements and Functions
  3. Implementing OOPS concepts
  4. Implementing Exception Handling and Multithreading
  5. Implementing GUI Programming using Tkinter
  6. Connecting to MySQL Database
  7. Implementing connections with TCP and UDP Sockets in Python

Course Outcome:

  • Create your first program in Python IDLE
  • Use Arrays, and Data structures
  • Implement Error Handling
  • Implement OOPs concepts in your programming
  • Create Application with support of graphics in python

Exam Details

Exam Codes - PYTHON S07-114

Number of Questions - 70

Type of Questions - MULTIPLE CHOICE

Length of Test - 120 Minutes

Passing Score - 70%

Recommended Experience - If you know any programming language like c, c++, java, ruby, etc, it’s very easy to adapt to python

Languages - English

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