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Star PHP Certification

For a whole range of reasons including the relatively lower software and hosting cost, PHP is a highly popular programming language. It, in fact, is a server-side scripting language that allows web developers to create dynamic content that interacts with databases. Mainly used for coding web-based software applications, PHP code can be embedded into HTML or HTML5 markup. Or else, it can be used in combination with various web template systems, web content management systems (CMS), and web frameworks.

Having identified the growing importance of PHP in the IT job market today, PACE Institute in affiliation with Star Certification (USA), provides lectures and training for Star PHP Certification in Sri Lanka. Students who complete the training will be eligible to sit for the examination conducted by Star USA.


Beginner or anyone new to Web Application Development or an Existing Programmer working on some other language but looking to learn PHP, or a PHP programmer looking to understand the latest Applications and version of PHP.

PHP Course Objectives:

  • To grasp the general concepts of PHP scripting language for the development of websites.
  • To understand the basic functions of MySQL database program.
  • To learn about the relationship between the client side and the server side scripts.
  • To develop a final project using the learned techniques.

Course Content

Part 1: Exploring PHP7

  1. Introduction to Web Application Development with PHP
  2. Getting Started with PHP 7
  3. Essentials of PHP7
  4. Implementing oops Concepts in PHP 7
  5. Connecting with Databases
  6. Handling Errors in PHP 7
  7. Handling Dates and Times 'n PHP7
  8. Implementing MVC With PHP

Part 2: Testing PHP Applications

  1. Testing PHP Based Web applications

Part 3: Additional knowledge in PHP

  1. Securing PHP Applications
  2. Exploring Different PHP Frameworks
  3. Exploring APIs and Rest API's 
  4. Exploring PHP based CMS in the Market
  5. Best Practice
  6. Learn PHP with Lab Exercises

Course Outcome:

  • Use a PHP editing program
  • Develop functional PHP script
  • Develop a MySQL database
  • Understand the use of PHP with HTML
  • Understand the ability to post and publish a PHP website
  • Develop Database connectivity using MySQL
  • Debug script
  • Develop Web Applications

Exam Details

Exam Codes - PHP S07-113

Number of Questions - 60

Type of Questions - MULTIPLE CHOICE

Length of Test - 120 Minutes

Passing Score - 70%

Recommended Experience - PHP is a scripting language and you have to embed the PHP scripts in HTML so you should know HTML in order to develop things

Languages - English

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