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Star Certification is one of the World’s Leading IT Certification Institutes offering Vendor-neutral certifications. Inspired by the desire to offer a revolutionary Vendor-Neutral IT Certification focusing on Programming Languages, Cyber Security and Disruptive Technologies, Star Certification programs today are a product of the extensive original and meticulous research by some of the most talented communities and councils. They set the IT education industry’s benchmark disseminating knowledge, developing skills and helping students gain competency in the subject matter. Also, Star Certification is the only Global IT Certification Organization in the world to offer unique and tailor-made Programs and Certification in Core and Niche Categories of the Information Technology domain.

PACE Institute - Exclusive Platinum Partner of Star Certification in Sri Lanka

PACE Institute, as a leading Professional and Higher Education Institute in Sri Lanka, discovers an excellent strategic fit as the exclusive Platinum Partner of Star Certification in Sri Lanka.

The partnership, thus, allows us to conduct a host of IT Certification programs. With our panel of expert lecturers, courteous and committedmanagement & staff, world-class study infrastructure, we’re well-placed to deliver lectures and training for a number of Star IT certification programs.

Students will also benefit from the vendor-neutrality of these programs as they will cover the subject matter more broadly in contrast to vendor-specific programs that cover a single vendor's technology in greater depth. We’ve selected the following IT certification programs to begin with:

  • Star PHP Developer

Recognizing the enormous career potential of PHP, a server-side scripting language that allows web developers to interact with databases, we offer Star PHP Developer program in Sri Lanka.

  • Star Python

Considering the rising significance of Python, a High-level, Interpreted, interactive & powerful Object-oriented scripting language both in the local and global contexts, we provide lectures and training for Star Python Certification in Sri Lanka.

  • Star HTML

Today, web development is an increasingly attractive career option for most of you due, mainly, to the vast employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, rewards, and recognition it promises. So we provide lectures and training for Star HTML Program here in Sri Lanka.

  • Star Android

Mastering Android, a software package and Linux based operating system for mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones, opens up a world of career opportunities both in Sri Lankan and overseas that offer you high rewards and recognition. Now you can sign up for Star Android certification here.

  • Star Cyber Secure User

Star Cyber Secure user is awareness Global certification program. In this course, you will learn briefly about data security and various computer and network associated threats. We’re quite glad to provide you with the opportunity to study this valuable course.

  • Ethical Hacking Expert

Ethical Hacking Course Provide the opportunity to student & IT Professional who is interested to make career in Cyber Security. If this is the IT domain where you want to build your ambitious IT career in, you’re off to a great start with us.

  • Star Certified Software Testing

Star Software Testing Certification teaches you the fundamental concepts of the testing and its principles. It also teaches you how the Testing is linked to Software Development Life Cycle. If this is an exciting field of study for you, just join this course at PACE.

  • Star Expert IoT Specialist (SEIS)

This course helps you to secure detailed knowledge of IoT system, from Sensor to SoC board integration and to constrained IoT environment. Also, you will be able to create a web interface to an IoT system and perform Data analytics on Data collected from millions of Sensors.

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