Red Hat enterprise Linux certification.

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Red Hat enterprise Linux certification.


Even before Covid-19 forced all types of businesses including professional education institutes online, virtual training (VT) had begun showing its promise as a modern training method with ample potential thanks to its borderless reach.

The penetration of broadband technologies into the remotest corners of the world, low cost of data, the proliferation of PCs and smart mobile devices, faster Internet connections and arrival of wireless broadband technologies have made virtual training possible.

Red Hat virtual training is real-time training conducted by Red Hat-certified instructors in a live, interactive, virtual environment. It gives you the same industry-respected content and hands-on labs as the corresponding classroom-based courses, including virtual lab machines that run actual products. Virtual training is an affordable, flexible solution for companies and individuals that allows you to train from your home or office, eliminating travel expenses.

Red Hat Virtual Training enables a student from one part of the world with access to a computer or smart mobile device and a good Internet connection to learn from a Red Hat certified trainer in a different part of the world, several seas, and thousands of miles away.

PACE Institute, as an award-winning Red Hat Certified Training Partner is keen to promote Red Hat VT Programs in Sri Lanka and provide local students with the opportunity to earn the much-coveted Red Hat certifications by studying online from the relative safety of their home. You can easily sign up for Red Hat Virtual Training Programs with PACE Institute.

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Features & Benefits of Red Hat Virtual Training Programs

Content Course materials are the same as what you would learn in the corresponding classroom-based course taught by a virtual instructor.
Labs You can access the same cloud-based, hands-on labs and environments from your device that you would use in an in-person classroom.
Instructors In a live, online environment, you get the same certified, experienced instructors that you would have in a physical classroom environment.
Downloadable eBook Virtual training provides you with a downloadable version of the course for review during and after the session.
Level of Interaction You can interact with the instructor and students through chat, audio, and video options. You can ask questions in a group setting or talk one on one with the instructor.
Dedicated Support Sessions have a group of technical support staff who will help resolve access and other technical issues before and during class.
Virtual environment Virtual access eliminates travel expenses and enables teams to train together globally in a virtual environment from different locations.
Course length Most classes offer 5½-hour increments per day over a 2- to 5-day period, which allows for partial workdays.

Red Hat Guaranteed to Run Virtual Training Schedule for February 2021

Course NameStartEnd
RH3I8VT - Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 1st Feb 2021 4th Feb 2021 Register Now
AD248VT - Red Hat JBoss Application Administration I 1st Feb 2021 5th Feb 2021 Register Now
AD371VT - Red Hat Decision Manager and Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.0 for Business Users 8th Feb 2021 9th Feb 2021 Register Now
CL2I0(v13)VT - Red Hat OpenStack Administration II - Infra Configuration for Cloud Administrator 8th Feb 2021 11th Feb 2021 Register Now
RH442VT - Red Hat Enterprise Performance Tuning 8th Feb 2021 11th Feb 2021 Register Now
RH342VT - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Diagnostics and Troubleshooting 8th Feb 2021 11th Feb 2021 Register Now
RH294VT - Red Hat System Administration III: Linux Automation (RHEL 8) 8th Feb 2021 11th Feb 2021 Register Now
RH436VT - Red Hat High Availability Clustering 15th Feb 2021 18th Feb 2021 Register Now
D0280VT - Red Hat OpenShift Administration II - Operating a production Kubernetes cluster 15th Feb 2021 17th Feb 2021 Register Now
RH403VT - Red Hat Satellite 6 Administration 15th Feb 2021 18th Feb 2021 Register Now
D0483VT - Red Hat Application Development II: Implementing Microservice Architectures 22nd Feb 2021 25th Feb 2021 Register Now
DO417VT - Microsoft Windows Automation with Red Hat Ansible 22nd Feb 2021 25th Feb 2021 Register Now
RH358VT - Red Hat Services Management and Automation 22nd Feb 2021 26th Feb 2021 Register Now

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