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Red Hat enterprise Linux certification.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL 8)

Today’s IT is hybrid IT. But transforming a vast ecosystem – from traditional datacentres to public cloud services – into a true hybrid environment calls for a few things. To begin with, it should be scalable and move workloads seamlessly. It also takes developing and managing applications that run anywhere. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (RHEL 8) is the one operating system that renders all that possible. It gives you predictive analytics and remediation with the availability of Red Hat Insights for all active subscriptions.

At the launch of RHEL 8, Gunnar Hellekson, senior director of product management at Red Hat put it in a nutshell as he stated “The IT market is going through this transformation right now being driven by two big forces: One is cloud computing and infrastructure, and the other is containers and what that means for application development and deployment. The nice thing about those two dynamics is that they're both rooted in Linux. Red Hat, of course, is the Linux leader with the majority of commercial Linux offerings out there.”

What’s Special about RHEL 8?

  • Support for emerging technologies

Choice catalyses innovation, but binding together the right hardware architectures, microchip components, and container platforms to successfully deploy emerging technologies calls for the right enterprise-grade Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is supported across architectures and environments, so you have a consistent and stable OS that adapts along the way to machine learning, predictive analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, and big data workloads.

  • Container tools that give you choice

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 offers container tools that allow you to tailor your systems to find, run, build, and share containers with other Open Container Initiative (OCI) standards-compatible tools. With this broader choice and support for containerized applications, you can implement business solutions when and how you want.

  • Streamline your process

With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, you can spend more time delivering business value and less time manually managing the underlying infrastructure. Quickly on-board non-Linux users using the web console, easily update apps using application streams, and stay focused on compliance and security with the built-in controls of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

The latest release of Red Hat's flagship product is engineered to help enterprises climb to new horizons. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is integral to the worldwide economy. It's expected to contribute to $10 trillion of business revenues in 2019 alone. And it keeps growing. In view of the massive potential RHEL 8 promises, it’s not hard to conclude that those who study and master RHEL 8 will reap fabulous rewards in terms of employability, career advancement, remuneration, recognition and fulfilment.

At PACE Institute, we’re excited to offer our students the opportunity to study RHEL 8 and help them realise their long-cherished ambition to become a globally recognised Red Hat Certified Linux professionals and advance from Red Hat Certified System Administrators to Red Hat Certified Architects in RHEL 8 in a very short period of time.


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