Red Hat enterprise Linux certification.

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Red Hat enterprise Linux certification.

Red Hat Configuration Management with Puppet –
DO 405

Take a trouble and risk free path to deploying critical and innovative services and applications; learn to manage configuration and infrastructure in Red Hat environment using puppet.

The Red Hat Configuration Management with Puppet (DO 405) is a course designed to provide system administrators and cloud administrators a deeper understanding of implementing puppet integrated with Red Hat products in a DevOps or a cloud computing environment.

Designed to provide knowledge to certify as a Red Hat Expert in Configuration Management with Puppet (EX 405), the course will include Red Hat products that use Puppets including Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack platform and Red Hat Satellite.

The Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Configuration Management with Puppet (EX 405) is also one of the expertise certifications that makes a Red Hat Certified Engineer or a Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer eligible to qualify as a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA)

At PACE you will receive an introduction to key Puppet concepts including language constructs, modules, classes and resources. It will also provide a hands on training on the deployment of Puppet server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the deployment of Puppet as a client.

The four day course held at the state of art training laboratories at PACE Institute would provide you with the knowledge to;

  • Identify system administration functions in Puppet code.
  • Describe the Puppet architecture and describe a state model.
  • Build, validate, and deploy a Puppet manifest.
  • Troubleshoot Puppet manifest.
  • Implement Git to manage software.
  • View information about system using Facter.
  • Create Puppet modules and implement classes in manifest.
  • Implement relationships, conditionals and variables in a Puppet module.
  • Identify advanced system administration functions in Puppet
  • Deploy and configure a Puppet master and Puppet client.
  • Implement Puppet modules from Puppet Forge.
  • Implement Puppet in a DevOps environment.
  • Implement Puppet in Red Hat Satellite 6

Course Audience: Experienced System Administrators and Cloud Administrators 

Prerequisites for the course: Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) or similar experience

Learn to automate configure management with Puppet in Red Hat Environment.

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