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Red Hat enterprise Linux certification.

Red Hat Certifications

RED HAT Certification- RHCSA / RHCE

Earn the Industry's Leading IT Certifications in a Professional Classroom

As one of the most tried, tested and trusted IT solutions used by the Fortune 500 companies, Red Hat was named as one of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in the world by Forbes in 2015 for the third consecutive time.

Used across the world's most critical data centers, Red Hat solutions for platforms, middleware / PaaS and management solutions are prefered by the world's leading airlines, Telecos, Healthcare companies, commercial banks and even the US Executive Department.

By certifying your professional skills with Red Hat examinations, not only are you confirming the strength of your skills but you are also gaining an opportunity to learn new skills on offer by Red Hat to move from a set of proprietary operating systems to an open system.

What is Red Hat Enterprise Certification?

Nearly 20 years back, inspired by the idea of developing software differently through partnership and collaboration of skills, Red Hat laid the foundation to the Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®.

Created through an ecosystem of collaboration between IT leaders, open source advocates, developers and partners, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux ® was designed to lay a better foundation for IT.

Today, Red Hat delivers a complete collection of secure, reliable yet affordable products and services in cloud computing, middleware, operating systems, storage, virtualization and mobile sectors, based on their primary principles of collaboration and partnership.

In order to help professionals prove their skills, build their careers and allow organizations to identify and develop qualified and skilled professionals, Red Hat has a systematic and a comprehensive certification system for all their sectors of specializations.

Red Hat Certifications provide hands on, global, secure and trusted third party validations with a secure and rigorous performance-based testing process. Consisting of practical exercises that require the candidates to perform tasks that require combined skills in coding and use of applications, the exams are secured and proctored by Red Hat and boast a high level of integrity and reputation in the industry.

Red Hat Training in Sri Lanka

As the country’s leading Red Hat training partner with a state-of-the-art training facility and a history of high pass rates, PACE Institute was recently awarded the Red Hat training partner of the year award for 2015 for the intensive training provided for certifications under various curricula including;

  • DevOps
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Red Hat Open Stack platform
  • Cloud computing, virtualization and storage

Whether you are an IT professional without previous Linux administration skills or a Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) looking to certify as a Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA), PACE can help you start on a path of certification that would allow you to earn the certifications required for your field of specialization.

If you are an IT professional or a student looking for a career path in Linux, start from the Red Hat Certification for System Administrator (RHCSA) and plot your career forward.

Benefits of Red Hat Certification

Red Hat certifications have multiple benefits to professionals and organizations in proving and advancing individual and organizational IT skills.

  • For Professionals;
    • An impartial method to differentiate themselves
    • A method to verify their skills and knowledge
    • A method to acquire more knowledge
  • For Employers;
    • An efficient way to identify people with skills and values
    • A way to reduce risks of change when adopting a new technology or a project
    • A method to benchmark the skills of an organization

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