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Have you ever felt like that you have all the paper qualifications but lacking something which is vital to make a good impression on your boss or clients?

  • Manage yourself, your work, and your time
  • Communicate effectively with your boss, team, and peers
  • Define and build your character, be trusted and remembered

This Soft Skills Development course from PACE guides professionals to go that extra mile in redefining themselves over again and help them to be more charismatic individuals with a better understanding of their surroundings, relationships and life.


  • We coach you with practical examples and unique training
  • Highly qualified lectures with charismatic personalities to guide you giving individual attention.
  • PACE lets you have your own phase in understanding the concepts and remaking yourself
  • Discover the hidden strengths and a whole new person in you

For Whom?

  • Professionals at any level who want to upgrade their soft skills
  • School leavers and even school children
  • Anyone who wants to get a competitive edge over the others
  • Non working ladies and people in between jobs

Corporate grooming, international business etiquette and mannerisms, social awareness, culture sensitization responsibility taking and leadership skills are key areas that are being focused in these courses.

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Enroll with PACE Institute and equip yourself with top professional credentials plus soft skills and values. Become a Value Plus Professional more.

Why PACE ?

  • Career-oriented lecturing & Training
  • Highly Qualified Lectures
  • Affordable Prices



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