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Certiport, the world leader in performance-based certification exams, are designed to provide a recognition to your IT skills and creativity, preparing yourself for a more competitive and productive workplace.

Designed to add value to students, school leavers, employees and corporates; Certiport training and certifications are now available at PACE Institute for Adobe, Microsoft and QuickBooks software suits.

Adobe Certifed Associate

Adobe Certifed Associate

Designed to provide you the ability to discover and unleash your creativity the training for Adobe Certified Associate provides the essential digital media skills and knowledge to succeed in a fast pace creative learning environment.

Whether your interest is on interactive media, visual communication, web authoring, video communication, graphic design, and illustration or print and digital media publication, Adobe has a tool to help your creative journey and certification process to test and validate your skills.

At PACE we have designed a unique learning process to provide you with the necessary skills and expert guidance to sharpen your creativity.

With three sets of curriculums to suit unique creative requirements, Adobe Certified Associate is available under;

  • Digital Design – A yearlong project-based curriculum that helps to develop key digital skills in design, project management, research and communication, web planning, design, and development technical skills using Adobe tools.
  • Visual Design – A yearlong curriculum that develops key digital communication skills such as design, project management, research and communication, photography, graphic design and illustration, and page layout technical skills using Adobe tools.
  • Digital Video – A yearlong study course on design, project management, research and communication, and video and audio design and production technical skills using Adobe tools.

In addition, Adobe Certified Associate certificate is available for each Adobe product;

Adobe Certified Expert

Set Yourself Apart from the Rest

Get an industry recognized certification that helps to set yourself apart from the rest and attract new opportunities for your creative pursuit.

The Adobe certified Expert Certification includes;

  • The ACE Dreamweaver Creative Cloud - is designed for web developers with a minimum of three-year experience in architecting a site, designing page layouts, coding pages, and formatting page elements with CSS as well as industry accepted web standards and the ability to render pages in modern web browsers.
  • The ACE Flash Professional CS6 - is mostly suitable for professionals with 3-4 year experience with animation, video, programming interactivity, and deploying Flash content to the web, desktop, and mobile platforms as well as an understanding of ActionScript 3.0 programming fundamentals.
  • The ACE InDesign CS6 - is for individuals with a minimum of 2-year experience in creating page layout and who regularly use other creative suite applications including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and MS Office Word.
  • The ACE Photoshop Creative Cloud - is for designers with a minimum of two year experience in Adobe Photoshop in a digital imaging or design environment, with an understanding in digital assets management, production and execution of projects in photographic art, advertising design, photojournalism, news and media production, new media (Internet, Social, Mobile), and video.
  • The ACE Premiere Pro Creative Cloud – is for professionals with a minimum of three-year experience in video editing and production environment.
  • The ACE Digital Analyst – Prove your ability to identify, analyze, and present data within a digital data-driven organization.
  • The ACE Report and Analytics; Implementation – Prove your ability to map a list of business requirements through Adobe Analytics reports, analytics variables and functions and deploy the solution on a website.

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

Tried and True Pathway to Success

Whether you are student, employee, an educator, a job seeker or a corporate organization, Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification provides you the power and the tools to engage, instruct and empower.

Available in three levels of certification; specialist, expert, and master, MOS allows individuals learn and test their skills in Microsoft Office programs including MS Office, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Access and Outlook at three levels to get college and career readiness and earn International university entrance credits, to enhance their skills and receive employee or client recognition.

Microsoft Technology Associate

For a Career in Technology

Whether you are a student, educator or an employee Microsoft Technology Associate Certifications provides you the validation and foundation stone to build a successful career in technology.

With separate certifications for developers, database administrators, and IT professionals the validations cover various skills including;

  • Mobility and Device Fundamentals
  • Cloud Fundamentals
  • HTML 5 Application Developer Fundamentals
  • Software Development Fundamentals
  • Database Administration Fundamentals
  • Window Server Administration Fundamentals
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Security Fundamentals
  • Windows Operating System Fundamentals

QuickBooks Certified User

Balance the Books from Day One

Bookkeeping today requires more skills that just GAAP principles and an eye for detail. A comprehensive knowledge in computerized accounting software including the industry leader Intuit® QuickBooks by certifying your skills as an Intuit QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU).

Earn International College and Career Readiness.

Follow the Certiport path to Learn, Certify, and Practice at PACE. Talk to us today.

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