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Advanced Excel Training

Advanced Excel skills are increasingly sought-after by all employees and specially those in the finance & accounting sector and those who perform the calculation, analysis, and visualization of data and information tabulating functions. It also provides you with the comfort of using graphics and tables used in reports, presentations, sales and others. Further, it helps you discover ways to identify trends by means and averages, which are useful in articulating the behaviour of certain figures.

At PACE Institute, we’re ready to take you on an Excel journey that will reshape your existing skills. We’ll train you expertly in the most in-demand and practical Excel techniques and skills that enable you to transform your finance career.

The depth and breadth of Excel topics we’ve selected is challenging and rewarding, providing a 360-degree approach to advanced applications in MS Excel. Our strong focus on real-world examples ensures a hands-on Excel experience. We’ve designed a process that enables you to learn and see how things are applied in practice. 

Date of Commencement End of September
Course Duration 24 Hours
Course Fee Rs. 12500.00 per head

Benefits of learning Advanced Excel:

  • Gain confidence in using full features of Microsoft Excel
  • Develop awesome analysing skills
  • Improve accuracy, productivity & efficiency
  • Craft stunning reports embedded with graphics & analytics
  • Create and design worksheet such as databases to store, summarize and analyse data sets
  • Understand and predict trends easily
  • Develop new processes and ideas to improve the organization

Course Content

  • Using Advanced Functions
  • Using Other Functions
  • Working with Tables
  • Working with Data Series
  • Using Scenario and Goal Seeking
  • Using Worksheet Protection
  • Consolidating Worksheets
  • Using Templates
  • Working with Views
  • Creating/Revising PivotTables
  • Sharing Workbooks
  • Using Data Tables
  • Using Auditing Tools
  • Interdiction to VBA
  • Interdiction to Macros

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