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PACE School of Information Technology

PACE school of Information Technology offers a number of professional & academic qualifications and IT- related testing center facilities.

At PACE we don’t just confine our activities to merely teaching computer courses. We equip you with the practical knowledge and soft skills needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

It is crucial to understand the fundamentals of computing, especially if you are planning for a career in IT, because unlearning bad practices will take a lot more time than learning new. PACE does not let this happen to you. We deliver the courses in a simplified and understandable way that you will enjoy and simply have fun learning at PACE.

Why Study IT at PACE?

  • Career-oriented teaching & training
  • IT Edge of eBEYONDS
  • Sophisticated lab facilities
  • Individual assessments on each student

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Enroll with PACE Institute and equip yourself with top professional credentials plus soft skills and values. Become a Value Plus Professional more.

Why PACE ?

  • Career-oriented lecturing & Training
  • Highly Qualified Lectures
  • Affordable Prices



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