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PACE in News

PACE completes the third year of our remarkable journey

It was a markedly triumphant moment when a small group of us gathered in the familiar space of our auditorium adjacent to the reception desk to mark the third anniversary of PACE Institute on June 20 2016. Among those gathered there were Mr. Sajith de Silva, our CEO, Mr. Kapila Withanage and Mrs. Sajini de Silva, the directors of PACE, Staff at PACE and a few people from eBEYONDS, our sister company.

After cutting the anniversary cake, which had been beautifully designed to resemble the PACE logo, refreshments were served. Addressing the gathering, Mr. Sajith de Silva, our CEO, spoke about the ennobling vision of PACE to build Smart & Impactful professionals and thanked unreservedly all those who have been behind this monumental journey.

The year was particularly eventful PACE as Red Hat honoured us with the highly prestigious ‘Overseas Training Partner of the Year’ award in two major categories in recognition of our great commitment to building top Linux professionals. Apart from that, PACE fared remarkably well in all our other study programs.

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