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PACE in News

PACE Institute Marks the Second Anniversary

June 20 2013 is an unforgettable day for us. It was the culmination of our untiring efforts for a considerable length of time spent on thinking, discussing, planning, building, demolishing and rebuilding. It was the day we officially declared open PACE Institute, a Professional Education Institution that envisions building smart impactful professionals who positively contribute to the growth & success of their employers. The chief guest at the opening ceremony was Mr. Nalin Attygalle, one of the corporate veterans in Sri Lanka among a number of other distinguished business personalities and eminent intellectuals. They all echoed agreement that PACE Institute aimed at accomplishing a worthwhile mission that will positively impact the business world and also the nation at large and offered us their sincerest compliments to drive our venture to excellence.

Today, looking back on our long, arduous but meaningful journey, full of learning experiences, we take great pride in what we've accomplished so far and in the contribution we've made so far in developing the next generation professionals. The past two years have seen PACE partner with the globally-acclaimed professional education institutions such as Red Hat, British Computer Society(BCS), Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland (DMI). Affiliating with these pre-eminent global leaders in professional education has placed us on a very strong position to carry on our mission further.

As we move past this telling milestone, we believe it is essential to mention a word or two about the people who've helped us make it a success. Mr. Sajith de Silva, our CEO and our board of directors have been showing us the strategic direction and also offering us valuable guidance & advice. Plus, the PACE team has also contributed a lot in achieving this success. We're also profoundly grateful to the PACE Alumni, whose stellar performance at exams has served to boost the reputation of the PACE Institute and who spread good word of mouth about PACE Institute. Last but not the least, we're thankful to our global partners in professional education who've extended their kind co-operation to us at PACE all this time.

We've made good progress, but we know the road ahead is still long and not that smooth. But, together, we're determined to keep going regardless of any problems that may beset us. We warmly invite school-going children, school leavers after O/L and A/L, parents, undergraduates, graduates, employees and the job seekers and anyone who's interested in our professional education programs to get registered for our study programs and enrich their lives and improve their careers.

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