Workshop for Parents - How to Guide Your Child to Achieve Life & Career Success

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Workshop for Parents on “How to Help Your Child Achieve Life & Career Success?”

The single most important wish on the mind of each parent is for their children to achieve success in their lives and career. But, a wish by itself is unlikely to produce the desired results unless you really understand how to guide your child to success. This is why, at PACE, we conduct ‘Guide Your Child to Success’ workshop series where top resource persons educate you comprehensively on a range of topics that help you guide your child to achieve great life & career success.

  • How to plan your child’s future?
  • How to guide your child to future & higher education?
  • How to make your child smarter?
  • Professional guidance that matches with your child’s knowledge & competency
  • Empowering parents to improve the skills & competencies in a child
  • How to help your child develop important ‘Life Skills’ & ‘Soft Skills’
  • How to help your child cultivate ‘Social Etiquette’?

At PACE, we strongly believe in and passionately advocate for guiding all children to become truly smart while cultivating essential ‘life & soft skills’ in them. Therefore, we warmly and respectfully invite you to regularly attend the workshops we organize.

Since participation will be allowed on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, kindly confirm your participation by calling Rajitha or Ezra on 011 5 923 500 - 5.

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