Diploma in Software Engineering a comprehensive diploma to degree course leading to a BIT degree in Australia and Malaysia and is designed to complete the first year study curriculum of a four-year degree program while in Sri Lanka. Designed with after A/Ls students in mind the course would also provide the skills for aspiring IT professionals to expand their IT career including soft skills and career competencies.

  • Module 1: Computing Essentials
  • Module 2: Requirement Analysis and Specification
  • Module 3: Software Process
  • Module 4: Mathematical and Engineering Fundamentals
  • Module 5: Software Modeling and Analysis
  • Module 6: Introduction to Computer Programming in C
  • Module 7: Database Management with MySQL
  • Module 8: Object-Oriented Programming with Java
  • Module 9: Internet and Web Programming
  • Module 10: Software Verification and Validation
  • Module 11: IT Security
  • Module 12: Professional Practice

Why Study at PACE?

  • Training and lectures by experts with industry experience
  • Hands-on assignments with real-world examples
  • Training for soft skills and other career competency building
  • Affordable course fees
  • State-of-the-art lab infrastructure
  • Convenient location on High-Level Road

Diploma in Software Engineering – Inquiry

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