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Diploma in Software Engineering

Diploma Leading to a BIT Degree in Australia or Malaysia 

Software development and IT have been two of the most sought after skills in the Sri Lankan and the global job market for the last ten years without a sign of going away or slowing down.

In Sri Lanka, many leading IT organizations are on the lookout for skilled IT professionals who have the skills and competency to deliver world class IT solutions to a large number of global corporates and at the moment the country suffers from a shortage of competent IT professionals, although a career in IT or software development promises a high average salary of Rs. 1.5 million per year along with many benefits.

The Diploma in Software Engineering (DiSE) is a one-year long course leading to a BIT degree in Australia or Malaysia conducted by PACE Institute under the Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Software Engineering by IEEE Computer Society and Association for Computing Machinery.

Designed to provide the beginners to IT and software engineering with the beginner’s skills to software engineering the Diploma in Software engineering course covers 12 subjects taught in the first year of an internationally recognized IT degree, including; 

  • Computing Essentials
  • Requirements Analysis and Specification
  • Software Process
  • Mathematical and Engineering Fundamentals
  • Software Modeling and Analysis
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • Database Management
  • Internet and Web Programming
  • Software Verification and Validation
  • IT Security
  • Professional Practice

If you are an after A/Ls student with a minimum 3 advanced level passes including mathematics (3Cs in Sri Lankan A/Ls or 3Ds in the UK or Singapore A/Ls), you can join the Diploma in Software Engineering at PACE Institute to fast track your career in IT.

With 1500 total hours of study time including 240 lab hours, diploma in software engineering is designed to provide a solid foundation to an internationally recognized BIT degree with the right mix of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Taught by an expert panel of lecturers with industry exposure the course can also be an additional training for IT professionals, who are looking for extra education to give your IT career a boost.

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