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Professional Diploma in Digital Strategy & Planning

Strategy and planning is a major aspect of digital marketing. A scoped, measured and achievable digital strategy along with a coherent & holistic plan for your organization can drastically cut the spend and step up the return from your marketing efforts.

This industry aligned certification will enhance your credibility and help you stand apart as you become a specialist. This certification has been designed to build experts in Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning.

Why should I earn this certification?

The Digital Marketing Institute has worked with leading industry experts to define a digital strategy and planning certification designed to build leaders. Become a specialist in strategy and planning to gain the knowledge & competencies required to create effective decisions, budget effectively and thrive in today’s digital economy.

The professional certification is tailored professionals who are responsible for the planning, implementation and measurement of digital marketing campaigns. Similarly, it would suit anyone wishing to secure a senior digital marketing position in the future or flourish in one they currently occupy.

What will I achieve?

Once you’ve successfully completed 3-hour Pearson VUE computer-based examination, you will be awarded a globally acclaimed professional certification in digital strategy and planning.

Certified professionals will become specialists by inculcating the best practices relating to budgeting, personnel selection, analytics, reputation management and social customer service amongst many more. Securing a certification will help you accomplish more in planning, implementation and measurement of your digital marketing efforts.

Course Modules for Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Strategy & Planning

Introduction to Digital Strategy and Planning

The Introduction to Digital Strategy and Planning module discusses the principal concepts in digital communication. You will learn how to formulate a measured, achievable and well-considered strategy to fulfill your digital marketing requirements.

Traditional Communications

This module explores communications before digital marketing became mainstream. You will study how communications have developed over time, the limitations of traditional channels and how digital channels can be integrated with traditional methods to achieve greater results.

Digital Communications

The digital communications module builds upon the traditional communications module and probes the digital approach to audience engagement. You will be shown how digital communications are measurable and gives you the opportunity to analyze and develop your digital marketing strategy as it grows.

Digital Channels

This module explores both the advantages, disadvantages and suitability of various channels available to anyone looking to develop a digital marketing campaign. You will know SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media marketing and digital display advertising amongst other concepts so you have the knowledge to implement these as part of a digital marketing strategy.

Social Customer Service

The Social Customer Service module probes into social customer service, peer to peer communities and how online technologies can prove critically important to not only maintaining, but also growing your business online.


This module looks at a crucial aspect of maintaining a budget as part of you wider digital strategy and planning. You will understand cost effective channels and how strong analytics can support cases for increased investment in digital channels.


The Personnel module explores the team you build as they will be responsible for implementing and maintaining digital marketing strategies. You will learn about the new roles and responsibilities associated with digital marketing and how to overcome the challenges these create for Human Resource departments.

Risks and Reputations

This module details the risks which have developed alongside the growth of digital marketing. You will also be able to distinguish the importance of reputation in digital marketing, both for companies and brand, and how this reputation can be monitored.


The Analytics module examines the opportunity for measurement, reporting and analysis with digital marketing. You will learn the key terms and concepts associated with analytics to ensure you have a deep understanding of its capabilities. Above all, you will be introduced to KPIs and how to employ these as part of your analytics.

Strategy Formulation and Plan

This module ties all the strands of the specialist certification together. You will understand the best practice for implementing a digital marketing strategy and be able to take what you have learned to draw up a coherent plan for your organization or business.

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