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Search marketing is one of the most important digital disciplines as over 90% of web users bank on search engines to find what they are looking for. As such, knowledge on how to increase the visibility of a brand and convert relevant traffic from within search engines is pivotal to nearly every business operating in the modern marketplace.

Designed by the Digital Marketing Institute, this industry aligned certification will impart to professionals the skills and knowledge required to become a search marketing specialist. Learn how to plan, execute and measure an effective search marketing strategy to help any business gain higher rankings in search engine results and get discovered faster by quality prospects.

Why should I earn this certification?

The Digital Marketing Institute has collaborated with prominent industry experts to define a search marketing certification designed to create specialists and transform careers. Become a search specialist by mastering paid search and learning how to develop and optimize ads using Google AdWords and Google’s Display Network. By knowing how to implement technical SEO tactics, you can raise search rankings and get to grips with the most viable inbound marketing tactics available.

This professional certification is ideally suited to professionals who are responsible for planning, implementation and measurement of search marketing campaigns such as search marketing specialists, search advertising and optimization professionals. Similarly, it is recommended to anyone looking to build a career or deepen their knowledge in the search marketing discipline.

What will I achieve?

Upon successful completion of a 3-hour Pearson VUE computer-based examination, you will be awarded a globally recognised professional certification in search marketing.

Certified professionals will become specialists by getting familiar with the latest methods, techniques and tools for improving an organization's search marketing and brand building efforts. In addition to producing innovative and creative search strategies, you will also learn how to leverage these strategies to secure a competitive advantage for both your business and career.

There are ten modules in this program:

Introduction to Search Marketing

The Introduction to Search Marketing module discusses the major technical concepts and terminology in search marketing. You will learn how search stands within the wider digital marketing practice and understand how the core search elements work together to draw in targeted and high converting traffic.

SEO – Setup

This module aims at building the knowledge and skills required to implement search engine optimisation in a technically effective way. You will also be introduced to a number of common issues encountered in search engine optimisation and how to solve them.

SEO – Content

The SEO content module enables participants to heighten their understanding of content relevance and the technical aspects of on-page optimisation. You will come to see the role content plays in SEO rankings whilst getting familiar with technicalities such as tags, filenames, URL choices, CTR influencers, off-page optimisation and more.

SEO – Workshop

The SEO module is a workshop format in which participants will be asked to implement their considered SEO strategy utilizing a range of resources and tools. You will develop and demonstrate skills by auditing your own site’s effectiveness and employing optimization techniques to achieve SEO success.

PPC Advertising – Search

The PPC search advertising module explores the fundamental concepts of Pay-Per-Click advertising. You will learn how to set up a Google AdWords account, work on the AdWords interface and understand the AdWords hierarchy. You will acquire the skills and know-how required to launch ads and ascertain which are best performing in terms of conversions and traffic.

PPC Advertising – Display Networks

The PPC display networks advertising module introduces performance indicators for Pay-Per-Click advertising display campaigns. You will learn about the importance and measurement of click-through-rates (CTR), conversion rates and average cost-per-click (CPC). You will also be introduced to the concept of the Quality Score as you come to understand how to create detailed campaign management reports.

PPC Advertising – Video

This module probes the opportunities available for pay-per-click advertising through display advertising networks, video hosting and mobile platforms. You will come to know how to plan and implement a video advertising campaign and be able to optimize it to achieve the best results.

Analytics - Setup

The analytics setup module introduces participants to the importance of measuring, monitoring and optimizing digital marketing campaigns. Upon module completion, you will understand the full functionalities of analytics and how they can be used to underpin all digital marketing activities.

Analytics - Applied

The analytics applied module builds participants understanding of the more technical aspects of analytics. You will get an introduction into the concept of filters in order to formulate suitable reports, learn how to organize reporting across multiple domains, employ segmentation techniques, analyze AdWords campaigns, and create reports detailing goals, conversions, funnels…

Strategy and Planning

This module is the cornerstone module of the certification that will enable you to bring together the skills and knowledge gathered in the previous modules to put together a coherent and effective search marketing strategy.

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