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All over the world, digital media continue to increase their influence on businesses of all sorts and on both sellers and consumers more or less. Also, digital marketing is growing popular. Using digital marketing, businesses find it easier to reach a larger audience of consumers. Due to the wide presence and influence of digital media, consumers are more informed and more powerful today. The growing demand for digital marketing by businesses has created a great career field that offers tremendous growth opportunities to the qualified digital marketing practitioners.

To become a qualified digital marketer who can command a high salary and great recognition, it’s essential to learn digital marketing from industry experts at a reliable digital marketing training institute. Diploma in Digital Marketing offered by PACE Institute is a comprehensive digital marketing training course.

Diploma in Digital Marketing is designed to provide candidates with a comprehensive selection of tactics and strategies across social media, mobile marketing, online analytics, and search engine marketing aimed at using the Internet for securing business goals such as acquisition, conversion, and ret online customers. More specifically, the syllabus of this well-planned and practical-oriented digital marketing course consists of 12 modules that are as follows.

Course Content and other Details

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • What is Digital Marketing
    • Areas of Digital Marketing
    • Planning & Creating a Digital Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
    • What is Social Media Marketing
    • Identifying Social Media Platforms Available for Advertising
    • Meta Advertising
    • Understanding Campaign Objectives
    • Understanding Campaign Structure
    • Audience Targeting
    • Other Ad Set Level Targeting
    • Creating Different Types of Ads
    • LinkedIn Advertising
    • Other Platforms - Twitter, TikTok
  • Video & Display Advertising
    • What is Video & Display Advertising
    • Understanding Youtube Platform
    • Understanding Google Display Network
    • Setting up & Running a Campaign
  • Search Engine Marketing
    • Understanding Search Advertising
    • Process of Doing a Keywords Research
    • Understanding Keywords Match Types
    • Process of Running a Search Ad Campaign
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • What is SEO
    • Understanding Main Areas of SEO - On-Page & Off-Page
    • Key Components of On-Page SEO
    • Doing a Competitor Backlink Profile Analysis
    • Getting Started with Off-Page SEO
  • Email Marketing
    • What is Email Marketing
    • Components of Email Marketing
    • Steps involved in Building a List
    • Creating an Effective Email
    • Adopting Best Practices in Email Marketing
  • Web Analytics
    • Importance of Web Analytics
    • Introduction to Google Analytics
    • Setting up Tracking
    • Getting Familiar Analytics Interface & Dashboards
    • KPIs & Metrics
    • Performing Analyses with Data
  • Conversion Optimization
    • What is Conversion Optimization
    • Best Practices in Conversion Optimization
    • Introduction to Tools Used in Conversion Optimization
    • Landing Page Optimization
    • Process of Running an A/B Test

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