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Because traditional selling methods are no longer adequate and efficient, digital tools & techniques make an indispensable component of any modern sales professional’s tool kit.

To adapt to this change in the sales environment along with progressing an individual’s current and future careers, the Digital Marketing Institute has designed a professional digital and social selling certification that can make a difference.

Aligned with industry and designed by experts, this program offers a globally recognized certification that can benefit any modern seller. It covers a number of digital and social selling essentials including Digital Sales Messaging, Integration & Strategy, Social Content, Social Account Management, Digital Sales Leadership and much more.

Why should you earn this certification?

Future proof your career and acquire the latest digital and social selling skills required to thrive in the digital economy today. DMI - Ireland collaborates with the industry experts to define and design social & digital selling programs infused with innovative techniques and best practices. The certification focuses on the tools and skills you need to sell well, meet and beat targets & attain great selling success.

The certification is tailored for Salespeople, Consultants, Business Development Executives and Managers of all levels. Likewise, it befits anyone leading sales teams or intent on developing their digital sales capabilities and reinforcing their practical application of digital tools and social selling techniques.

What will you achieve?

Once you’ve successfully completed 3-hour Pearson VUE computer-based examination, you will be conferred with a globally recognised professional certification in digital and social selling.

Certified professionals are able to obtain more qualified sales prospects, decrease lead times, nurture leads more effectively and achieve a more balanced pipeline. You will realize the importance of building solid relationships online, ensuring client satisfaction and repeat business. Also, you will see the importance of and how to drive the implementation of a digital sales strategy in your organisation.

Certified Digital & Social Selling Professional

Introduction to Digital & Social Selling

As you’re introduced to digital & social selling, you will come to understand the basics of digital and social selling by exploring how it has transformed traditional sales processes. You will learn about the new tools & techniques used in the sales and how you can use them to turn yourself into a modern digital sales professional with them.

Digital Research

This module will equip you with the research tools and techniques required to formulate an impactful digital and social selling strategy for your product. Through social intelligence and social listening, you will learn how to read digital behaviour to subsequent personalized engagement with prospects.

Sales Enablement

The Sales Enablement module covers the advanced features and functionality of a score of social media platforms which can be used to carry out your digital and social selling processes. You will find out how digital tools and social media platforms can communicate relevant sales messages and content, making it easier to subsequently offer the client the solution they need, where they need it.


The Client Relationship Management module will help you to plan and create business development campaigns, inculcate best practice methodologies to your sales cycles and most importantly, evaluate CRM data to then inform your engagement strategy.

Social Content

This module will help you learn how to use a set of tools designed to shore up the total content creation process. You will know how to determine what type of content is required for different customer types and how to set the appropriate tone, style and mode of distribution for such.

Digital Sales Messaging

The Digital Sales Messaging module will help you see how to strategically create communications to ensure all contact with prospects is pertinent, personalized and aligned with personal or business objectives. You will know the importance of content segmentation and connecting B2B & B2C content types with the relevant social media platforms.


The engagement module targets building relationships with leads in the most effective way over an entire customer life-cycle. Explore how to manage large prospect bases and find out engagement techniques to ensure you connect with prospects at the right time, with a message that’s pertinent and meaningful to them.

Social Account Management

Through this module you will get to understand how social media has transformed the concept of customer service and poses both opportunities and challenges in engaging prospects and customers. Once you’ve studied this module, you will be able to set key performance metrics that relate to the assessment of your social customer service and ensure you can draw up a crisis management plan to handle any conversations or interactions that may attract negative attention in a public forum.

Digital Sales Leadership

The Digital Sales Leadership module discusses empowering managers and aspiring leaders as they change from traditional to digital sales strategies. By monitoring the social footprint of your team members and using social KPIs, you will be able to identify and measure if your team is following the correct digital and social selling behaviours, developing the right networks and building a professional and consistent brand.

Integration and Strategy

Sales leaders and aspiring leaders will know how to research, develop and integrate an effective and optimized digital sales strategy within an organization. Once you’ve completed this module, you will be able to gauge the ROI of digital and social selling, align it with the overall goals of your organization and use it to leverage further executive support.

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