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Why Do Career Skills Matter?

Why Do Career Skills Matter?

10.45 AM Monday/ August 20 , 2018

‘Nearly all employers (91 percent) agree that for career success, “a candidate’s demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than his or her undergraduate major.”—2015 report commissioned by the Association of American Colleges & Universities

Just because you’ve completed a four year degree or a two year diploma and majored in a single or a few subjects, it’s hardly likely to have covered the full range of career skills you need to succeed in the real world of work. In fact, as they prioritized a few subjects, it's quite possible that your university or institute wouldn’t have been paying enough attention to this critical aspect of career education. If refuse to believe this and grow complacent and decide that there’s nothing more for you to pick up in terms of career skills, that will certainly not help you build a good career.

Even if you’re in Sri Lanka, the quote above is still as much valid, demonstrating that the employers’ expectations about their prospective recruits, which clearly go beyond the technical or functional skills covered by your degree or equivalent qualifications. To begin with, a certain amount of IT literacy is a prerequisite for nearly all graduate jobs. On top of that, it’ll certainly help you get employable and also advance in your chosen career if you acquire a range of soft skills, interpersonal skills and social etiquette. The complexity of today’s business environment, the nature and scope of products and services, multiple stakeholder involvement, hyper-specialization, and multi-ethnic and multi-cultural workforce, etc, necessitate it all even more.

But, there’s a yawning gap between employees’ career skills and employers’ expectations. And employers have a legitimate gripe here and want badly to recruit people who can really bridge this gap. If you accept the existence of this gap in your case and resolve positively to bridge it, it’s already half done. All that’s left for you to do is to sign up for a reliable course that will comprehensively guide you to grow these critical skills in your life.

Certification in Career Skills offered by PACE Institute is the best course for you to pick up these tremendously important career skills. Taught by industry experts who’re truly passionate about building the next generation, Certification is Career Skills is practical, comprehensive and affordably priced. If you’re keen to realize your full potential, this will really help you.

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