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What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

11.00 AM Friday / September 26, 2014

Thilini Prarthana Bandara

In simple words Digital marketing occurs when electronic media is used in the promotion of products or brands. Digital marketing is a branch of marketing but significantly varies from traditional marketing where it involves the use of channels and methods to enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns in real time. Social Media Marketing is an essential component of digital marketing. In promoting their products many organizations use a combination of traditional and digital marketing channels. The term 'digital marketing' being introduced in the 1990s, digital marketing has become a more sophisticated and an efficient way of creating strong relationships with the consumers.

With the rapid growth of the technology, the digital marketing landscape is continuing to develop at a fast pace. All innovation in marketing is through digital channels nowadays. Therefore marketers are faced with new challenges as well as opportunities every day.

The importance of Digital marketing

Digital marketing is greatly important, not only due to its rapid expansion but also because it positively contributes to defining the future of marketing altogether.
With the rapid development of the technologies, consumers can access information instantly .This has changed the lifestyles and behavior of the end consumer in drastic ways. People refer to digital media as their main source of entertainment, news, shopping and social interactions. If you are a brand or a company wanting to market yourself, the way that digital channels behave is very decisive because the consumers are now exposed to not just to what your company says about your brand, but what the media, friends, relatives, peers, etc. are saying as well.

Digital marketing methods are faster, more practical and versatile than the traditional ones. Technology has put business in the digital age. Some of the most common forms of digital marketing are:

  • Website -SEO content
  • Blogs
  • Internet banner ads
  • Online video content
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, G+,etc)
  • Mobile marketing (SMS, MMS, etc)

Key benefits of using digital marketing:

 Affordability compared to traditional marketing-

An e-mail or a social media campaign can pass on the same message to customers for less money than a TV-Ad or a newspaper one. In addition social media campaigns like FaceBook ads can reach much more audience.

Tracking results is easy-

With a broad variety of insight reports, analytics and data we can find out the performance of a particular campaign, evaluate our own marketing campaigns and possibilities for improvement. The importance is that digital campaigns let you assess the performance in real time, giving you the advantage of planning more effectively and making changes almost instantly.

Vast number of consumers-

Due to the nature of the digital market a huge amount of consumers can be reached in a small time. Even the consumers who use traditional marketing have converted to digital markets. As an example nowadays a lot of people read their newspapers on their i-pad or some type of tablet. You need to develop your marketing and introduce yourself into the digital age. According to a study of UK National Statistics more than 82% of UK adults went online in the first three months of 2011.

Maintain Customer Relationships across a variety of methods

Digital marketing lets you keep in touch with your customers stronger than ever before in many ways Not only that . It gives you the tools to know them better than anybody else but it gives you the ability to connect with them depending on where, when and how they are most accessible to your services. Today’s marketers are equipped with the knowledge to create reliable, consistence and coordinated customer experiences to smoothly move the customers along in the buying cycle.

Job opportunities-

It is essential to have a solid knowledge of the basics of digital marketing if you are deeming to be a digital marketing professional. As of today, ”digital marketing” is one of the few industries where the demand for skilled professionals is higher than the supply. Therefore if you are planning to study digital marketing in depth it is safe to say that the job market will be ever ready to hire you if you are competent enough.

We can say that the “Digital Age” has arrived and it’s time for those who have not yet adapted to the new way of marketing to open themselves up for the numerous new opportunities that come along with “Digital Marketing”.

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