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Certified Professional In Web Development

10.00 AM Monday / March 03, 2014

Thilini Bandara Certified Professional in Web Development

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

1. What Is CPWD?

CPWD stands for Certified Professional in Web Development. CPWD is a fully fledged program which covers almost all the essential aspects in web development. This particular program is designed by industry experts to meet the industry standards. So a person who has successfully completed the program is ready to go and work in the industry.

2. Who Is It For?

CPWD is meant for everyone who is interested in learning about latest web development technologies, techniques, and standards by industry qualified professionals. Whether you are a school leaver, an undergraduate, someone already employed looking to update your knowledge or a beginner who just wants to have a basic understanding of the web development field; this program will suit you perfectly.

3. What Is The Duration Of The Course?

Duration of the program is 6 months.

4. Fees Involved With CPWD Course?

You will only have to bear a comparatively less course fee which covers your text books, course materials, usage of lab facility during the program, internet facilities and our library services.

5. Can I Pay In Installments?

Yes, you could pay in installments.
There’s an upfront payment initially. Thereafter, you are required to pay the balance within a pre defined time during the program.

6. What Are The Prerequisites For The CPWD?

There are no prerequisites as such. Working knowledge is required to understand the handouts that are written in English. Anyway, our lecturers will explain parts of the lessons to you in Sinhala if necessary. You have the opportunity to choose either Sinhala or English. Most commonly used and understandable language is given priority. Apart from that, a student should be familiar with the computing fundamentals. He or she should know how to operate a personal computer.

7. How Are The Lectures Delivered?

The medium of the course is English. However, if you find it difficult to understand and cope with the program you may speak to the lecturer and make him aware of your difficulty. In such situations, the lecturer will speak to the class and get a general opinion about how the lectures should be conducted and thereafter he could adopt a different method to deliver lectures. In most cases, he might use English and Sinhalese interchangeably.

There will be lectures, demonstrations, In-class exercises and discussions (with an individual computer for each participant)

8. What’s The Educational Standard For The CPWD? Is It a Certificate Program Or a Diploma Program?

CPWD is a career-oriented certificate program that lasts for six months.

9. What Are The Benefits Of Studying CPWD At PACE?

CPWD is one of a kind web development program available today. We’ll not just teach you web development. We’ll teach you to be a professional web developer. The word professional carries a lot more weight in today’s competitive world. It involves essential career competencies, soft skills, interpersonal skills and most importantly the right attitude. We provide you a career-oriented training which is lacking in the industry today. We will teach you how to behave, think and work like a professional. All the courses including CPWD are designed and delivered by a panel of talented industry professionals, to meet what the industry demands.

  • Career-oriented training
  • Qualified lecturing panel
  • Affordable pricing options
  • Effective lecturing patterns
  • Latest Facilities
  • Individual attention to each student
  • Practical approach towards teaching

PACE Institute is committed to providing you with an education that strongly links formal learning with workplace experience.

10. What Could You Become With CPWD?

Our intention is to build a true industry professional admired by the industry.
Potential roles in the public and private sectors include:

  • Web Designer
  • Associate Web Developer
  • CSS Engineer
  • Web Content Editor
  • Associate User Interface(UI) Engineer
  • Associate Software Engineer (Web)

11. Are There Any Projects To Be Completed Prior To The Completion Of The Course?

CPWD program is full of practicals; there will be a project at the end of each module to test your knowledge on the specific subject matter. Marks will be given for each project. To further develop your skills, you are asked to research on specific topics, with all the guidelines and tips given. A final project must be completed in order to complete the CPWD program. An exam is also conducted at the end of the program in which a score more than 75% is advisable to achieve. The exam consists of multiple questions and short answers.

12. Are There Any Textbooks Involved In The Program?

Yes, there are textbooks, workbooks and other course materials.

13. Will The Textbooks Be Given For Free?

Yes, the textbooks and other course materials are given to you for free. You are free to use computer labs and the internet facility. Apart from that, you are always welcome to use our library facility and borrow books and journals where necessary.

14. Will It Be Possible To Get An Internship After Finishing The Program Successfully?

Yes. We are a professional education & career development center. We will not just train you to become a web developer; we will assist and guide you to be an outstanding professional. Our Parent company eBEYONDS (Pvt) Ltd, a cutting-edge Digital Marketing Solutions Company offering  a wide range of IT services is a pioneer in the industry who haS years of experience and networking in the industry. If you are a talented and skilled individual, you are most encouraged to apply for in-house vacancies available.

15. CPWD Modules Listing

  • Internet Fundamentals

This module gives an overview of how and what the internet and web technologies are all about in short. You’ll learn emerging web trends and commonly used terms in the web industry.

  • Applications for Web Designing

In this module, you’ll learn to design web layouts by using latest tools. You’ll be equipped with the design essentials needed to build high quality web sites.

  • Markup Languages (XHTML)

You’ll learn how to develop and produce semantic websites to the W3C standards (World Wide Web Consortium is the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web ) using markup languages like XHTML/HTML. You’ll be exposed to the latest technologies such as HTML5 during the session.

  • Cascading Style Sheets

In this module, you’ll learn to produce much presentable websites by using styling languages like CSS.

  • Scripting Languages - JavaScript & jQuery

You’ll learn to work using JavaScript and jQuery. You could manipulate and/or alter elements on your website.

  • Web Typography

You’ll learn how to use any fonts effectively and beautifully in your website. Not only that, this module will also teach you how to use fonts best as a marketing tool.

  • Animations for Web

This module will teach you how to do animations for the web with the help of the latest and emerging tools and techniques. You’ll learn how to create interactive websites and presentations.

  • Dynamic Web Application Development

You’ll learn to build database driven dynamic websites using PHP and MySQL. You’ll be learning the core concepts in PHP and MySQL.

  • Responsive Web Designing

At the end of this module, you’ll learn to develop websites that can be viewed not only on Personal Computers but on any other smart media device like smart phones or tabs.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

By the end of this module, you’ll learn to build web websites that are search engine friendly that get higher ranks in organic search results.

  • Content Management Systems

You could edit and publish content on your website with the ease of new technologies such as Content Management Systems (CMS). You’ll learn to manage the content of the website online.

  • Web Standards & Usability

This module equips you with the latest trends on how to build websites for the international standards.

  • Web Hosting & Security

At the end of this module, you’ll learn how to deploy a website and protect it from hackers thus exploiting vulnerabilities.

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