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Stand out from the crowd and future proof your career.

Stand out from the crowd and future proof your career

9.00 AM Friday / November 28, 2014

Building a career isn't the easiest thing. If you are just after university it will be particularly difficult if you have to compete against people with better qualifications and experience than you.

To make the matters worse, in more traditional careers getting experience of an in demand internship or a graduate placement is a must in order for you to create your own portfolio. Are all the fields like this? Not really. Would it be of interest to you if we say that in the field of digital marketing you will come across a bundle of opportunities that let you to kick start your career even before you set foot in a workplace?

We are sure that by now you must have heard it – the demand for digital marketing skills is getting elevated every day, creating a huge gap in the job market. As brands are focusing more on e-marketing and with the digital skills gap widening, the quest for well competent digital marketing professionals is ever increasing. Bigger budgets, high salaries and more career choices are just some of the perks digital marketing professionals can look forward to in the future.

So how do you benefit from this situation? If you are thinking of having a career in digital marketing getting an updated education from a reliable education provider is a must. Apart from getting a quality education, try to look for ways to stand out from your potential peers.

Following are a few tips-

Network – Try to network with people who can give you guidance when it comes to the digital marketing field. The more talented and networked they are-the better.

Stay Updated – It's a must to be on top of the latest updates in the industry. You can fulfill this by news by following popular digital marketing web sites and influential people. As giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter frequently change the behavior of their advertising platforms and algorithms; it's a must for you to keep up with these updates.

Personal branding – Build your identity online. This is specifically important if you want to show your capabilities as a digital marketing professional to a potential employer of yours. Start building an influential social media presence for yourself, in social networking sites-gain Twitter followers for yourself, start a face book page for a cause you are passionate about and start your own blog and contribute to relevant online conversations

Getting a decent job these days is not just about having paper qualifications. The bottom line is if you can show your future recruiter that you developed your skills through hard work and personal initiatives, you're not just demonstrating technical knowledge—you're highlighting much sought after character traits.

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