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Six Important Traits of High Performing Employees

Six Important Traits of High Performing Employees

Productive employees, exceptional talents, go-getters—these are the kinds of people who chip in most to the growth and success of a company. These are the people whom employers look so hard for and desire to hire for their organizations. We believe there are some common traits shared by these high -performing employees regardless of their respective industries. These positive traits or the figurative DNA is a major driver of organizational growth. This article aims to capture them both for those who wish to become top-performers and for the employers who wish to identify such top-performers.

Tendency to set high goals

High performing employees aren't happy with the status quo. They seek to stretch themselves and do better day after day after day. So, they set high goals which, the average employees typically think, are simply beyond their reach. Even if they miss, they probably get higher than most simply because they have the drive and the will to succeed.

Intense, stead-fast focus

Most employees can set goals. In fact, most of them do. But while pursuing those goals, most of them get sidetracked or distracted by tempting opportunities or events which, needless to say, undermine their momentum and tax their energies required to reach the desired goal. But, high performing individuals stay focused and say 'no' to anything that can derail them.

Willingness to do personal sacrifices

When the going gets tough, the average employees who're complacent in the status quo get uneasy and tend to renounce on their quest. It's too hard for them to motivate themselves to see the big-picture and consider the long term, as they're accustomed only to instant gratification. But, the high-performing employees take on any challenge with confidence and don't lose sight of their long-term goals. As proved in the famous Marsh mellow test, the discipline and ability to delay gratification hallmark the high- performing individuals.

Sheer Perseverance

With eyes on the prize and feet firmly on the ground, high-performing employees simply soldier on. Hard times, personal problems, financial troubles may disturb them or weaken their focus but won't stop them. No matter what happens, they'll keep going till they reach their desired destination and achieve their dreams. They always act in the belief that it's when things seem worst that they should not quit.

Ability to make the most of the available resources

Not even the smartest can make it to the top all by himself. The high performing employees know this and know how to utilize people and resources to accomplish their goals. Unlike the average employees who either sit doing nothing or make excuses and justify their incompetence, the high-performing employees know their weaknesses and seek help in coping with difficult situations. They work their way through or around the problems to reach their goals.

Willingness to lend a helping hand to others

The high-performing employees don't just want to beat and outclass their co-workers. Rather, they're competing with themselves and are willing to help their co-workers the best they can. They know their generous contribution can help create a very productive organizational ecosystem which all the stakeholders will benefit from. They're driven by the urge to make a positive difference and they do it beyond doubt.

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