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A Brief Look At The Trends In Web Designing For 2014

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10.30 AM Friday / July 18, 2014

Thilini Prarthana Bandara

In 2013 we saw emerging of new trends in web designing–some of which are already fading out and some are still going strong and continue to spread into this year as well.

Let’s look at some of the trends that so far have; and would continue to lead the way in web designing.

    Bold and Interesting Typography

      So far in 2014 more designers are and will continue to do experimenting with different types of typography. Typography is often used more for its practical form, as text on a web page or printed material.

      Web designers can use typography to impact their designs, considering aspects such as spacing, font size etc. Typography is an ideal way for web designers to “have fun” with work and inject more life and personality into web sites.

        Flat Designs

          This was one of the biggest trends that emerged last year which is up and running this year as well. This was majorly popularized with the release of iOS7 which reduced drop shadows and gradients- pretty much any graphical item or any design element that isn’t 100% focused in the purpose of a product.
          This design aesthetic element most commonly referred to as “flat design” continues to be embraced by web designers all over the world today.

            Videos Instead of Text

              We all know it-A picture is worth a thousand words. what’s more - a video is worth a million words. Why waste your valuable time reading something when you can watch it? Video content is something that is going to be popular and be seen all over the WWW this year.

              Because videos are becoming easier to produce & share and with the increased amount of sharing and social bookmarking facilities being available on web – especially social media-videos are an effective way to convey a marketing message to the users.

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