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Benefits Of Learning MS Word

Benefits Of Learning MS Word

9.20 AM Thursday / July 30, 2015

One of the most widely used word processing software in the world, MS Word provides a one stop solution to all your document development requirements, may it be a simple letter, a colourful brochure or an official portfolio for a product.

With a series of pre-designed templates ranging from a simple document to brochures, certificates, visiting cards and invitations, MS Word allows you to customise and create attractive and easy to edit documents, that are easy to share, print and collaborate on.

Other than its universal accessibility and manoeuvrability, MS Word also provides an array of other benefits including;

  • Extreme Availability
    Whether you are working from home, office or school, MS Word is one of the most available software found in almost any computer. As it is one of the most widely used word-processing applications in the world you can safely assume that it would be available with anyone you are sharing your documents with, even if they are living across the globe.
    Moreover MS Word even lets you save, open and edit your document in formats that are compatible with other word processing applications including PDF or its own early versions, ensuring that anyone anywhere in the world would be able to access and edit the document you have poured your energy and time into.
  • Integrate with other MS Office programmes
    A MS Word document could easily be integrated with other MS Office programmes which makes sharing of data as easy as A..B..C. If you have a spreadsheet that is created with MS Excel, MS Word allows you to import the spreadsheet easily into an existing MS Word document while documents created with MS Word can easily be accompanied into MS PowerPoint, Excel or any other MS Office application.
  • Instant help with language
    With a comprehensive dictionary, thesaurus and grammar help in over 40 languages, MS Word has the ability to detect spellings, grammar and syntax errors instantly and provide you with a series of solutions to suit the sentence and document. What’s more MS Word can also detect the language you are using and prompt the corrections accordingly a setting which allows you to combine multiple languages in a single document.
  • Easy reading and easy writing
    MS word allows you to change between reading and editing modes of a documents easily and smoothly. While read mode provides essential tools for reading with texts arranged in columns, the editing mode allows you to create a document with a professional look by combining texts with images, charts, diagrams and videos.
    The live layout of MS Word enables you to play and experiment with the layout of your document in real time, choosing the right layout that suits your images and words as you go.
  • Easy to collaborate
    By enabling file saving on One Drive or SharePoint by default, you can collaborate on a single word document with your friends and colleagues by sending every one a link to the same document with viewing and editing permission.
    Access their additions and changes instantly in real time while tracking changes and commenting on them within the document.

A complete training of MS Word can help you to reap the full benefits of the application and create documents with immaculate quality. With a hands on training of concepts, short cuts and add-ons, PACE Institute provides its students with a comprehensive understanding of the MS Word application during the Training of Microsoft Office Professional 2013 .

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