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Interactive session on System Infrastructure adaptability by Arun Eapen

Interactive session

9.15 AM Monday / December 21 , 2015

A Saturday as it was, the morning of December 19 saw the PACE auditorium filled with a good crowd representing a number of companies, most of whom were IT professionals. Also present there were the management teams of PACE and eBEYONDS plus some staff from both companies. The much anticipated session took a little later than 9.15 am to start. The welcome speech by Lakmal Ratnayake was a great opening for the session.

A widely experienced RedHat Trainer, Arun Eapen CISSP, RHCA, RHCSS, RHCDS, RHCVA started with dispensing the FM microphone. Even without the microphone, he’d speak loud enough for all the audience to hear. Titled ‘RedHat: The Way Ahead’, Arun’s presentation revealed scores of practical insights about the existing and emerging RedHat technologies. The ultra-sophisticated technology of ‘Linux Containers’ caught the interest of the audience to a great extent.

With his vast knowledge in the industry and hands on experience, Arun waxed eloquent about the new opportunities engendered by the rapidly evolving Linux ecosystem and RedHat technologies. His colleague Amel Mathai, a RedHat Certified Architect (RHCA) and RedHat Certified Instructor (RHCI) himself, who’d trained and lectured for the advanced Certificate of Expertise in ‘RedHat High Availability Clustering (RH436)’ spoke about the RedHat certification programs available at PACE.

The participants were treated to a delicious refreshment prepared by the organizers of the session from both eBEYONDS & PACE. The participants were appreciative of the session and thanked PACE for arranging the session with such a high calibre expert in Linux as Arun Eapen.

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