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Do you want to be paid more than your peers? Here’s how

Do you want to be paid more than your peers

10.00 AM Friday / November 21, 2014

It must not be news to you when we say that the demand for competent digital marketing professionals is exceeding supply. Yes! You heard it right- as brands are focusing more and more on e marketing to promote themselves, professionals with digital marketing skills are in great demand all over the world. What’s more-the digital skills gap is set to widen in the future with the expansion of the job markets.

Therefore according to simple economics, the value given for competent digital marketing professionals will surely increase owing to this huge demand. When you’re working in an industry with a large skills gap a trained professional like you will be regarded as a much sought after commodity – and this will definitely increase your salary negotiation possibilities.

With the rate the corporate world is operating these days, the huge digital awakening will give rise to new businesses creating new and unique jobs in the field. According to Gartner, Inc. the American information technology research and advisory firm, by 2018 digital businesses will drive a 500 percent boost in digital jobs. Having not enough digital professionals to fill them, will give the people who are studying digital marketing a great competitive advantage. Good news folks- you’re getting ready for a career where demand exceeds supply!

In addition to digital salaries being increased faster, the pace of growth is said to fasten too. Owing to this not only the median salaries of managerial level digital marketing positions, but also the entry level positions are said to experience a salary surge.

So while your friends are complaining of job uncertainty or job scarcity you will be geared up with an in-demand set of e-skills that could increase your job security, future-proof your career life, improve your career succession and let you get paid more.

Good Luck!

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