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  •  Study Internet Marketing to Gain Digital Marketing Skills

    Digital Marketing – The New Career in Demand

    March 17 2016

    With the number of Sri Lankan internet users rising at a rocket speed, brands in Sri Lanka are compelled to turn to digital marketing methods to complete their branding cycle... read more

  • Do you want to be paid more than your peers

    Do you want to be paid more than your peers? Here’s how

    10.00 AM Friday / November 21, 2014

    It must not be news to you when we say that the demand for competent digital marketing professionals is exceeding supply. Yes! You heard it right- as brands are focusing more and more on e marketing ... read more

  • What is Mobile Marketing?

    What is Mobile Marketing?

    5.00 PM Friday / October 17, 2014

    We are living in the era of mobile. Mobile is revolutionizing the digital age and will surely continue to define the future of marketing and all other aspects of life. Businesses are implementing... read more

  • A brief look at eMail Marketing

    A brief look at eMail Marketing

    4.00 PM Wednesday / October 08, 2014

    eMail marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using eMail. Using eMails to send ads, request business, or request sales or donations... read more

  • Become a well demanded analytics professional

    Become a well demanded analytics professional

    10.00 AM Thursday / October 02, 2014

    In simple terms Analytics is the process of transforming data into insights in order to make better decisions. Businesses and organizations use analytics every day to improve the quality... read more

  • What is Digital Marketing?

    What is Digital Marketing?

    11.00 AM Friday / September 26, 2014

    In simple words Digital marketing occurs when electronic media is used in the promotion of products or brands. Digital marketing is a branch of marketing but significantly varies from traditional marketing where it involves the use of channels... read more

  • Digital marketing courses at PACE Institute

    "Be a certified Digital Marketer with PACE Institute"

    11.00 AM Thursday / September 25, 2014

    As of today, "digital marketing" is one of the few exciting industries where the demand for skilled professionals ... read more

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