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Why Digital Marketing?

why digital marketing

9.30 AM Tuesday / September 22, 2015

With nearly five million internet users - that amounts to more than 20% of the population - Sri Lanka is one of the leading nations in South Asian region when it comes to internet connectivity.

Sri Lanka's internet connectivity grew by a 68.4% in the year 2014 alone and with many telecommunication service providers expanding their network coverage, the internet connectivity in Sri Lanka is growing bigger and better, everyday.

The growth of internet connectivity in Sri Lanka is contributing to the expansion of many fields and professions and allows continuous connectivity of local community with a global platform.

The endless possibility of connectivity in digital medium holds great prospects for marketers in experimenting with new methods and streams to convey their brand message to their target audience.

A digital marketing campaign allows marketers to easily target an audience limited to a selected location or a demography deluging them with various brand messages with minute precision.

With many a tool to transmit their brand message to an audience as large as one quarter of the country's population, no marketer can afford to ignore the benefits and use of digital marketing any more.

Essential to complete any brand strategy, digital marketing has proven to be a useful skill to master whether you are a budding marketer, taking your first steps in brand management and advertising or a chief marketing officer responsible for the marketing strategy of an overall organisation.

It complements the conventional advertising campaign of a brand and helps to target social media savvy millennials who are joining the consumer market and are changing its behaviour beyond recognition.

A knowledge in digital marketing also helps a marketer observe and predict consumer behaviour easily without spending large bucks on conventional market analysis and consumer behaviour studies.

In a world inter-connected through digital media, online marketing creates an equal hunting ground for small and medium size organisations with limited budget resources. A few decades ago, only large corporate brands with budgets running into billions could hope of a global exposure while small and medium size organisations were left picking crumbs falling off their tables.

Today, any brand with right skills and ingenuity can target a global platform of consumers, competing with big brands with big bucks streaming their brand message through social media platform, email and online content directly to the screen of their prospective customers, who go window shopping online for products ranging from tea to telescopes.

Having given life to a culture of crowd funded start-ups, digital marketing is a growing field with unlimited possibilities, no longer restricted to just email marketing, PPC, Google Analytics and AdWords.

With Sri Lankan government collaborating with Google loon project to bring internet to the nooks and corners of Sri Lanka, from Dondra to Point Pedro by March, 2016, Sri Lankan marketers cannot simply ignore the prospects of digital marketing any longer.

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