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Top Five benefits of Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

11.00 AM Monday/ August 03, 2015

Despite the constant bad rap received by Microsoft PowerPoint due to the way it boils down complex issues to simple bullet points, Microsoft PowerPoint has managed to revolutionise the way every one does presentation since it was first launched among the PC users.

Used poorly, a powerpoint presentation adds nothing to the your presentation, but distracts the audience from the speakers. A useful step would be to use the presentation as a simple guideline to the speech, with complimenting information and data to retain the attention of the audience with you and your speech.However Microsoft PowerPoint has come a long way from its bullet pointed slides and provides an array of options to create presentations that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to integrate.

While aesthetically pleasing presentations are just a part of the package other benefits of MS PowerPoint include;

  • Guided Presentations
    MS PowerPoint allows you to view your speaker notes privately through the Presenter View option, while delivering the presentation on multiple monitors. It is a great way to keep yourself updated with a private view of the presenter's notes while your audience can only see the chosen slides of the presentation sans the guidelines, footnotes and descriptions.
  • Self running Presentations
    New PowerPoint versions can also play presentations on its own without a guiding hand or an active speaker. The users can now set up MS PowerPoint on an unattended PC by setting up transition times in advance. PowerPoint also allows the inclusion of video and audio clips into the presentation, through the media section of the insert tab.
  • Save as recorded videos
    MS PowerPoint users no longer need to have a PowerPoint installed in a PC to open and view a PowerPoint presentation. Simply save the presentation as a MPEG-4 or Windows Media video to improve the presentations accessibility among other computer users or use PowerPoint viewer for easy viewing.
  • Create and insert vector art
    Another great advantage of MS PowerPoint is its blank canvas which allows the creation of vector shapes without the restriction of line breaks, margins and other layout options. The users have the ability to pick shapes from the drawing section to be used as art or diagrams.
  • Insert animations
    PowerPoint has a series of built in animation tools for moving objects on the screen. Users can now combine multiple effects and use the motion path section to a draw path for your animation may it be a simple object or a multimedia clip.

Most of the damage to PowerPoint's reputation has been caused by users, who lacks the right knowledge or skill to create a perfect presentation. PACE Institute's Training in Microsoft Office Professional 2013 offers people of various walks a comprehensive hands on training of MS PowerPoint skills to create better presentations.

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