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Benefits of Microsoft Office Access

benefits of ms access database

9.10 AM Monday / August 03, 2015

Although not as popular as the other members of the MS OFFICE software suit, MS Access is the common man's tool to create a preliminary database to which you can input data, sort, filter, analyse and group according to your needs.

By replacing the hard work that lies behind creating a database with easy to use templates, Microsoft has provided an easy way to create a database to manage loads of data that expands to number of layers.

While MS Excel has the efficiency and power to handle a single dimension flat file database, MS Access is capable of handling multiple tables of related data, that evolves into many dimensions.

Unlink Excel's simple spread sheet layout Access is organised in different interrelated objects, that can look daunting at the beginning but can easily be conquered with proper training and guidance.

Other then its ability to process and analyse large number of data; benefits of MS Access also include;

  • Providing a head start in creating a database.
    As every MS Access user is not well versed in all the aspects of creating a database Microsoft has created a series of easy to use templates that can be downloaded and used immediately. MS Access gives its users the flexibility to build a database from the basic scratch or tweak few templates to suit the needs of your project.
  • Easy integration
    MS Access also integrates easily with other MS Office products including Excel and Word to provide comprehensive data management solutions. Especially the integration of Access and Excel can give any user a superior data crunching and storing ability. As an example large amounts of data found in Excel documents could be directly integrated into Access to be stored, processed and analysed when required.
  • Easy Presentation
    MS Access also allows users to create a variety of reports through MS Access report wizard and improve on the design of the report through its design view feature. It also allows you to save your report in various formats including as a PDF, a text file or a html file to improve accessibility.
  • Easy Collaboration
    MS Access enables multi-user accessibility through Microsoft Office 365 or Share Point, allowing an entire team work on the same database. By using customizable web app templates each user can work on the interface they need to add, edit or delete data as well as run reports.

While mastering MS Access could be more challenging than grasping other application in the Microsoft Office Professional 2013 suit, a training programme at PACE Institute, provides the users of all ages with an in-depth knowledge and a hands on training to discover the full benefits of MS Access.

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