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Advantages of MS Outlook

Advantages of MS Outlook

2.00 PM Monday / August 03, 2015

Gone are the days when MS Outlook was just an email manager, today the programme combines many applications under one umbrella, providing a single platform to perform many tasks on the go.

Today, Ms Outlook offers several services such as an email manager, an address book, a note book, a web browser and a calendar packed into a single application.

A part and parcel of the MS Office suite, Microsoft Outlook comes with an inbuilt search function, which allows you to find emails, contacts and dates included under various functions of MS Outlook may it be the address book, task manager or the calendar.

Equipped with enhanced security features, MS Outlook protects your emails and confidential details from unauthorised intruders. This function keeps junk and phishing websites away from your mail account and its inbuilt email scanner notifies and warns you whenever you try to email an untrustworthy contact. Meanwhile MS Outlook also provides you the option of disabling live links and blocking senders through security features.

Since MS outlook is an email management programme it helps you to sync emails directly into the calendar or your address book. It also helps you to make future plans and add schedules to your calendar directly from your mail. You also can send your contacts an email or a text message through MS Outlook while you are jotting down notes of OneNote, Outlook's note taking application.

MS Outlook also allows you to sync your account to your phone with MS Outlook for mobiles, increasing your connectivity across platforms. Now read and send emails, edit your calendar and take notes without being near a computer and receive alerts of incoming events and appointments to your phone while you are away from your desk.

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