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  • Benefits of Red Hat Learning Subscription

    Upskill your Career with Red Hat Learning Subscription

    Tuesday / May 25, 2021

    To succeed in any IT Solutions business, you need a knowledgeable and skilful team and a learningsolution that is quick, effective, and prescriptive. Red Hat Learning Subscription provides easy, on-demand access to quickly learn Red Hat technologies. PACE Institute, an award-winning Red Hat Certified Training Partner in Sri Lanka, now helps you get RHLS in Sri more

  • ඔබගේ අනාගත වෘත්තිය නිවැරදිව තෝරාගන්නේ කෙසේද?

    ඔබගේ අනාගත වෘත්තිය නිවැරදිව තෝරාගන්නේ කෙසේද?

    Thursday / May 13, 2021

    අ.පො.ස. උසස් පෙළ විභාගයේ ප්‍රතිපල නිකුත් වීමත් සමග ඔබ දැනටමත් ඔබගේ වෘත්තීමය ගමන සැලසුම් කරනවා විය හැක. එහෙත් එම ගමන පටන් ගන්නේ කොතනින්ද කියා සිතා ගැනීමට අපහසුද? ඔබගේ වෘත්තීය ජීවිතයට වඩාත් පහසුවෙන් අවතීර්ණ වීමට අනුගමනය කළ යුතු පියවර අටක් අප ඔබ හමුවේ තබන්න තීරණය කළෙමු. read more

  • Take the Right Path to Career Selection

    Take the Right Path to Career Selection

    Friday / May 07, 2021

    A/L results are just out. Whether you’re eligible to enrol into a degree program with a university or not, you must now be evaluating your higher education options and wondering how to take the right path to career selection. Here are 08 simple steps for you to figure out your dream career and how you pick up the right skills, knowledge and experience to secure and build it and reach the top. read more

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