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What to do After O/L Examination?

What to do After O/L Examination?

Friday / March 12, 2021

Years of stress and hard work is finally over! So, what is next? Still, confused about your next move?

This is the time that you need to decide on your future career. Most of us indeed have a dream occupation. But the reality is that you just entered the funnel. The right choices you make aiming for a certain career will remove all the odds and will take you on a successful journey.

With the O/Level exam, you have 7 options right now.

1. Continue to do A/Ls.
2. Select A/L teachers and classes.
3. Develop your soft skills.
4. Follow a professional course.
5. Enter a university without A/LS.
6. Technical colleges and universities.
7. Follow higher education while doing a job.

Continue School Education with A/Levels

You can start doing A/Ls at your current school. If you have achieved good results, you also have the opportunity to enter a better-reputed school. When selecting a stream for your ALs, you can follow a group of subjects that you think will help you in entering a local university. To be ready, it is always good to have an idea about after A/L courses.

Select Helpful Teachers and Good Classes

If you are applying for another school, you will be among the selected group of students based on your O/L results and extracurricular activities. Most students prefer extra help from tuition classes during these two years of getting ready for A/Ls.

Tuition classes are conducted as group classes and mass classes. Group classes are more interactive than mass classes. Classes for students who follow Commerce and Art streams usually start in March, April, and May while classes focused on students who follow the Science stream start much earlier in December and January.

Develop Soft Skills

It will be a great choice if you invest this current time to develop your soft skills. The modern job market identifies English Language and IT/ Computer skills as soft skills. There are various courses that you can follow before your A/Ls. PACE Institute offers a lot of After O/L courses for you to start with.

Try following a Professional Course

Professionals courses help you in laying a great foundation for your future career. These courses are great investments for an easy after A/L journey. Once you are done with O/Ls you are eligible to register for IT, Accounting, and Management courses. The qualifications you gain from these courses are of great value in the job market and will also make A/Ls easy for you.

Enter a University

Yes, you can still enter a university without doing A/Ls. You can follow programmes offered by private universities. If you still wish to obtain a local degree, you can enter the Open University. After O/L students are offered foundation courses at these institutions before they enter a specific degree programme.

Join a Technical College or a Technical University

You can improve your technical skills and gain global recognition for your talent by joining an institute that majors in this stream. If you can also follow the courses hosted by the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ), Sri Lanka. NVQ comprises 7 levels starting by recognizing the acquisition of entry-level skills, the National Certificate levels from 2 to 4 recognizes the increasing levels of competencies. Full National Craftsmanship is awarded at level 4. Level 5 and 6 comprise a National Diploma that covers the increasing levels of competencies from the technical level to the management level. You get the opportunity to study for a bachelor's degree or an equal programme at level 7.

Do a Job while Following Higher Education

Going for employment just after O/Ls does not have to stop you from continuing your educational journey. There are many course programmes that you can follow while working. Qualifications are very much important in any field of work if you want to reach up the ladder of success. If you choose employment after O/Ls, a portion of your income can still be allocated to fund your studies considering it as a great investment for your future.

Failed O/Ls? You Can Still do A/Ls

Students who have failed the O/L examination can still do their A/Ls. This was announced by the Ministry of Education as it commenced in 2018. Students are offered practical and employment driven subjects for A/L classes.

Join Hands with Us

PACE Institute is a leading education institute in Sri Lanka. With years of experience in producing responsible, well-educated professionals for various industries, PACE has made an array of educational programmes ready for you.

You are eligible to study most of these programs even if you have just finished your O/Ls. The qualification you achieve as a student of PACE is followed by industrial knowledge, soft skills, and values that will guide you to a long journey of becoming a professional. Feel free to go through our courses and other programmes. You can contact us anytime for more information. Good Luck!

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