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Master Red Hat Linux Technologies with Red Hat Virtual Training

Wednesday / June 02, 2021

Red Hat virtual training is real-time training carried out by Red Hat-certified instructors in a live, interactive, virtual environment. It provides you with the same industry-respected content and hands-on labs as the corresponding classroom-based courses, including virtual lab machines that run actual products. Virtual training is a cost-effective and flexible training solution for companies and individuals that allows you to train from the comfort your home or office, eliminating travel expenses and also saving travel time.

Instructor-led, real-time training in a virtual environment

What Red Hat provides you is instructor-led real-time training in a virtual environment. Therefore, if you prefer not to step out of your home much often for fear of contracting the Corona virus disease as the pandemic continues to flare up, Red Hat Virtual Training can simply bring you the classroom experience online.

Discover the Key Features and Benefits of Red Hat Virtual Training

Here, we’d like to present you with a whole range of features and benefits that Red Hat Virtual Training extends to you.

Feature Benefit
Content You will get the same course materials as what you’d learn in the corresponding classroom-based course and be taught by a virtual instructor. So, there’s practically nothing to worry about the quality or the quantity of course materials at your disposal.
Labs You can access the same cloud-based, hands-on labs and environments from your device that you would use in a physical classroom, which means that this will not affect the quality of your learning experience in the least.
Instructors In a live, online environment, you get the same certified, experienced instructors that you would have in a physical classroom environment. If you’re disciplined, focused and self-motivated, you’ll learn from them as effectively as you’d have done from them in a physical classroom
Downloadable eBook Virtual training provides you with a downloadable version of the course for review during and after the session. This means your studies needn’t wait until the next training day and do the necessary reading to improve your knowledge and skills all by yourself.
Interaction You can interact with the instructor and students through text chat, audio and video options. You can ask questions in a group setting or talk one on one with the instructor. Red Hat Virtual Training readily replicates the interactivity and engagement in a physical classroom.
Dedicated support Sessions have a group of technical support staff who will help resolve access and other technical issues before and during class. You can always bank on their support to resolve any access or technical problems that you encounter.
Virtual environment Virtual access eliminates travel & accommodation expenses and enables teams to train together globally in a virtual environment from different locations. You can simply study from the safety & comfort of your home or from your office.
Course length Most classes offer 5½-hour increments per day over a 2- to 5-day period, which allows for partial workdays. It’s a win-win formula for time-constrained IT professionals who have to strike a healthy balance between their job responsibilities and their studies.

Affordable & Flexible Training by Qualified & Knowledgeable Instructors

Affordable and flexible, Red Hat virtual training is also comparable to traditional classroom training based on satisfaction scores from their customers. Red Hat quotes one of their Virtual Training Customers as saying “The trainer really animates a VT [virtual training]. I was impressed by the quality of the course and the way he gave it. To be sure that we were still alive behind our computers, he did ready checks, questions, and so on. ... All that together made a great experience from my side.” Red Hat finds further endorsement of the former’s note of appreciation with another VT customer who says “The knowledge, experience and way of teaching of the instructor is awesome. Definitely the best Linux training I’ve received ever.”

Borderless Training for Students from any Part of the World

It doesn’t matter where you’re. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual looking to train from the safety and comfort of your home or a training manager looking to get a team from your organisation well-versed in Red Hat technologies. Red Hat Virtual Training can readily support your diverse training requirements. All training takes place on your own device and you can participate from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. You can simply listen to the lectures, interact with your instructor and fellow students to improve your knowledge and clarify your doubts, and follow along with exercises and labs.

Red Hat Guaranteed to Run (GTR) Virtual Training

Conducted by Red Hat India, Red Hat GTR Virtual Training programs are held every month. Since it’s GTR, there’s no need for a minimum number of participants for any of the courses, meaning even if you’re the sole participant in a particular Red Hat VT course, they’ll conduct it just for you, which is quite unlikely to happen in the physical classroom training format.

Register for Red Hat Virtual Training Courses through PACE Institute

We’re an award-winning Red Hat Certified Training Partner that has produced 22 Red Hat Certified Architects and over 800 Red Hat Certified Professionals. While offering training for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Certifications in RHEL 8 and Red Hat Certificates of Expertise, we now allow you to sign up for Red Hat GTR Virtual Training Programs the schedule of which gets updated every month and also for Red Hat Learning Subscription Individual and Enterprise. During this pandemic, we believe these study options will prove immensely useful to you.

Call us on 0115923500-5 and we’re keen to serve your Red Hat Linux training requirements through all means at our disposal.

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