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Red hat linux qualifications open up a world of career opportunities locally as well as globally

Friday / December 17, 2021

Hot Jobs Alert: The Demand for Red Hat Certified Linux Professionals Far Exceeds the Supply

Recent career surveys reveal that worldwide there is a massive shortage of Red Hat Certified Linux professionals and that major international tech companies and their local counterparts are “frantically” searching for more & more Red Hat Certified Linux professionals.

Why should you take up Red Hat Linux Training now?

1. There’s a growing demand for Red Hat Certified Linux professionals as they are strongly positioned to take on more daunting technology challenges.

The demand for Red Hat Certified Linux professionals is escalating out of proportion as more and more companies adopt Linux big time. As a result, fresh career opportunities in Linux are being created even as you read this. The reason is that Red Hat Certified Linux System Administrators, System Engineers, DevOps Engineers and Software Developers and so on are better equipped with the crucial knowledge and skills to take on the most ambitious but complex and high-stake projects in the face of evolving technology challenges.

2. High Salaries and growth opportunities as opposed to the other IT sectors

When you take up professional education in a particular field, a higher salary and better employment prospects top the list of your ‘Whys’. Red Hat qualifications provide you with both. Since the demand for Linux talent is exceedingly high and the available Linux talent is quite scarce, RED HAT Certified Linux professionals tend to draw noticeably higher salaries than many of their counterparts in the IT field.

3. The world is shifting to Linux big time

More and more companies in Sri Lanka and abroad are embracing Linux for the enormous potential it holds; hence, they need more and more Red Hat Certified Linux professionals. To demonstrate the capabilities of Linux, suffice it to say that Linux runs most of the Internet, all of the world’s top 500 supercomputers, and the world’s stock exchanges. And we must say its capabilities are far from limited to those.

Study for Red Hat Linux Qualifications with PACE Institute</strong.

PACE Institute has been adjudged as one of the best RED HAT Training providers for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Certifications and Red Hat Certificates of Expertise. We always have our students’ career success at the heart of everything we do and hence offers heaps of benefits for RED HAT students to ensure they qualify well and even progress in their careers thereafter.

  1. Multiple Award-winning Institute
  2. Produced almost 1000 RED HAT certified professionals
  3. Produced 22 RED HAT Certified Architects
  4. A qualified panel of Red Hat trainers with ample industry experience
  5. Availability of both Online & Offline training
  6. A passionate commitment to building well-rounded professionals fit for managerial and leadership roles.

Are Red Hat Certifications Worth It?

The value of certification like this is always dependent on the way that you use it. With Red Hat being recognized around the world, you can’t really go wrong with their courses, but you have to make sure that you are looking for work and roles that let you use the skills you’ve mastered. Red Hat Certified Engineers in the USA earn an average of $97k per year, but this can get a lot higher with the right experience. So, earning certifications like this is worth their while for those in entry-level IT roles.

New RHCSA Online Batch at PACE Institute

For a while, we’ve been providing the opportunity for our students to study Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) online. Our next RHCSA online batch is commencing on Sunday, December 19, 2021. The course fee is just Rs. 15000 per module. Get trained under highly qualified Red Hat Trainers with ample industry experience. Call 0115923500-5 for more info.

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