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Why you should Study Linux?

Monday / October 12, 2020

Open Source

It’s noteworthy that Linux source code is widely available as it falls under the FOSS category (Free and Open Source Software). The developer community stands to gain from this as its members have the freedom to view and alter the source code, which is totally different to the case with proprietary software, which they can only use.


Linux is totally free and users don’t have to pay for anything. All the basic software required by a typical user and even an advanced user is available. Plus, there’s a number of educational software available under Linux. Additionally, there’s the equivalent of professional software for desktop publishing, photo editing, audio editing and video editing. Businesses can use this software free of charge and drive down their IT costs significantly.

Most programming languages can be run on Linux

Whether you need to write in C, C++, CSS, Java, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, or Vala, Linux supports them all. While you may come across some issues occasionally, in most cases, it must be plain sailing.

 Linux can land you a great job

Learning Linux can seriously enhance your employment prospects. Experience in using Linux is a most desirable skill for many well-paid positions. Whether it’s to manage a company’s server, or develop their cloud-based services, potential employers are crying out for people who’re well-versed in Linux.

Highly Secure

Installing and using Linux on your system is the easiest way to stave off the threat of viruses and malware. Security is such a core aspect of Linux that it’s much less vulnerable to viruses in comparison with Windows. So many developers across the globe have gone through the code that most of its flaws have been discovered and duly fixed.

Highly Stable

Another major positive about Linux is that it’s highly stable and not prone to crashes. The Linux OS runs exactly as fast as it did when it was first installed, even after the passage of several years. Most of us must have experienced how a freshly installed Windows system runs really fast and the same system becomes sluggish after around six months to one year. Then, your only option most of the time is to reinstall the OS and all the other software.

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