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Why Build a Career in Linux System Administration?

Thursday / November 12, 2020

Why should You Build a Career in Linux?

Linux is the best-known and most-used open source operating system. Noted for being incredibly customisable, secure, flexible and economical, Linux is heavily used today by the major tech companies. The explosive growth of the Linux industry continues to generate a massive demand for qualified Linux professionals who’re in short supply. Owing to this, they’re highly employable with six-digit salaries and also enjoy greater stability and advancement opportunities. Hence, a career in Linux is a perfect gateway to a brighter future.

    • The ever-growing demand for qualified Linux System Administrators

According to Open Source Technology Jobs Report, in 2016, only 34% of hiring managers said they considered Linux skills essential. By 2017, that number had risen to 47%. In 2018, it rose still higher to reach 80%.

    • Stimulating and rewarding career path

You can take a most rewarding career path in such fields as System Architecture / IT Consulting / Cyber Security, etc.

    • Opportunity for earning Linux Qualifications (e.g. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Certifications) sponsored by the employers

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Certifications, being the leading certification in Linux training, seek to equip you with the range of knowledge and skills you need to become Linux professionals from Red Hat Certified System Administrator to Red Hat Certified Architect.

    • Top tech companies' reliance on the Linux Server Infrastructure and consequential employment prospects

Top tech giants such as Facebook, Google, Netflix, and Twitter are using Linux to support their servers. With tech major companies increasingly adopting Linux, employment prospects for qualified Linux professionals have brightened.

    • High Recognition

System administrators are highly accepted around the world, as they do valuable work behind the servers, and are instrumental to the successful operation of the company regularly.

    • Future-proof Careers

With the incidence of cybercrimes at its all-time high, companies can’t do without qualified & competent Linux System Administrators, so they enjoy high job security and stability at work today and tomorrow, alike.

    • Higher Salaries

According to Lefttronic, in the USA, a Linux System Administrator makes about US $90000 a year. The lower average is around $60,000 and it can reach as high as $150,000.

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