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  • successful career in IT

    Your doorway to a successful career in IT

    August 21 2015

    In an attempt to encourage a new generation of IT professionals, PACE Institute held a free seminar on ways to launch a successful career in IT, on Saturday 15, 2015 at PACE auditorium.

    Joined by a number of school leavers and professionals, the seminar concentrated on the methods of gaining a solid start in IT with right education and more

  • Advantages of MS Outlook

    Advantages of MS Outlook

    August 03 2015

    Gone are the days when MS Outlook was just an email manager, today the programme combines many applications under one umbrella, providing a single platform to perform many tasks on the go. read more

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

    Top Five benefits of Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

    August 03 2015

    Despite the constant bad rap received by Microsoft PowerPoint due to the way it boils down complex issues to simple bullet points, Microsoft PowerPoint has managed to revolutionise the way every one does presentation since it was first launched among the PC more

  • Microsoft Office Access

    Benefits of Microsoft Office Access

    August 03 2015

    Although not as popular as the other members of the MS OFFICE software suit, MS Access is the common man's tool to create a preliminary database to which you can input data, sort, filter, analyse and group according to your more

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