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  • Interactive session on System Infrastructure adaptability by Arun Eapen

    Interactive session on System Infrastructure adaptability by Arun Eapen

    December 21 2015

    A Saturday as it was, the morning of December 19 saw the PACE auditorium filled with a good crowd representing a number of companies, most of whom were IT professionals. Also present there were the management teams of PACE and eBEYONDS plus ... read more

  • Supun scores 300 marks at the RedHat OpenStack Administrator Exam

    Supun scores 300 marks at the RedHat OpenStack Administrator Exam

    December 04 2015

    Mr. Supun Hettiarachchi scored 300 out of 300 marks at the recently held RedHat OpenStack Administration Exam at PACE Institute. A Systems Engineer at Good Hope Asia Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, Supun is a great Linux enthusiast... read more

  • Redhat Awards 2015


    November 11 2015

    PACE Institute, a RedHat Certified Training Partner in Sri Lanka was honoured with two coveted awards at the 2015 RedHat Training Partner Conference held at Vivanta by Taj, Hari Mahal in Jodhpur, Rajasthan from November 4 - 6 2015. PACE was awarded as the best overseas training partner for courseware revenue and also as the best overseas training partner for total revenue. CEO Sajith de Silva and.. read more

  • Ready for the Exam

    විභාගයට සුදානම් වෙමු

    November 06 2015

    විභාගය ජිවිතයේ එක් කඩඉමක් පමණි. එයට මුහුණ දීමට හා සාර්ථකත්වය ලබා ගැනීමට සෑම දරුවෙක් තුලම නිසඟ හැකියාවන් ඇත. එම හැකියාව ඔපමට්ටම් කරගැනීමට නම්, හැකියාවන් පෙළ ගැස්වීමත්, නිසල මතකයත්, උත්සාහයත්... read more

  • Mentorship for Building the Next Generation

    Mentorship for Building the Next Generation

    October 12 2015

    Ever since the ‘faithful and wise’ mentor of King Odysseus was contrived by Greek poet Homer, mentors have formed and directed the way for many budding leaders from the legendary King Arthur onwards.

    Mentors and their protégés have shaped the evolution of science, arts and philosophy since the beginning of history and have paved the way to new inventions and creations. read more

  • Giving your IT skills a global recognition with BCS Higher Education Qualification

    Giving your IT skills a global recognition with BCS Higher Education Qualification

    September 22 2015

    Despite the number of IT graduates, which joins the local job market every year, Sri Lankan tech companies, suffer from a dearth of IT skills to meet the rising demand from their global clients.

    While a number of public and private universities in Sri Lanka produce a large number of IT, computer science and computer engineering graduates every year, a large number of youth with potential IT skills fails to make it to these universities each year. read more

  • Why Digital Marketing

    Why digital marketing ?

    September 22 2015

    With nearly five million internet users - that amounts to more than 20% of the population - Sri Lanka is one of the leading nations in South Asian region when it comes to internet connectivity.

    Sri Lanka's internet connectivity grew by a 68.4% in the year 2014 alone and with many telecommunication service providers expanding their network coverage, the internet connectivity in Sri Lanka is growing bigger and better, everyday. read more

  • successful career in IT

    Your doorway to a successful career in IT

    August 21 2015

    In an attempt to encourage a new generation of IT professionals, PACE Institute held a free seminar on ways to launch a successful career in IT, on Saturday 15, 2015 at PACE auditorium.

    Joined by a number of school leavers and professionals, the seminar concentrated on the methods of gaining a solid start in IT with right education and more

  • Advantages of MS Outlook

    Advantages of MS Outlook

    August 03 2015

    Gone are the days when MS Outlook was just an email manager, today the programme combines many applications under one umbrella, providing a single platform to perform many tasks on the go. read more

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

    Top Five benefits of Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

    August 03 2015

    Despite the constant bad rap received by Microsoft PowerPoint due to the way it boils down complex issues to simple bullet points, Microsoft PowerPoint has managed to revolutionise the way every one does presentation since it was first launched among the PC more

  • Microsoft Office Access

    Benefits of Microsoft Office Access

    August 03 2015

    Although not as popular as the other members of the MS OFFICE software suit, MS Access is the common man's tool to create a preliminary database to which you can input data, sort, filter, analyse and group according to your more

  • MS Office Word

    Benefits Of Learning MS Word

    July 30 2015

    One of the most widely used word processing software in the world, MS Word provides a one stop solution to all your document development requirements, may it be a simple letter, a colourful brochure or an official portfolio for a more

  • MS Office Excel

    Uses and benefits of MS Excel

    July 23 2015

    As the most widely used spread sheet and data management tool in the world, MS Excel provides greater flexibility and compatibility across devices and operating systems. Arranging, analysing and presenting your data with MS Excel has never been easy, whether you are a PC, Mac, iPad®, iPhone®, Android™ tablet, and Android™ phone more

  • Benefits of Learning MS Office

    The Benefits of Learning MS Office

    July 22 2015

    With many an easy to use applications providing flexible solutions for every task you meet at work place, school or at home, the Microsoft Office or MS Office software suite is the global reference for desktop more

  • Six Important Traits of High Performing Employees

    Six Important Traits of High Performing Employees

    June 26 2015

    Productive employees, exceptional talents, go-getters—these are the kinds of people who chip in most to the growth and success of a company. These are the people whom employers look so hard for and desire ... read more

  • PACE Anniversay

    PACE Institute Marks the Second Anniversary

    June 19 2015

    June 20 2013 is an unforgettable day for us. It was the culmination of our untiring efforts for a considerable length of time spent on thinking, discussing, planning, building, demolishing and rebuilding. It was the... read more

  • Ashen Udara Fernando - RHCSA

    Ashen Makes PACE Proud Having Secured Full Marks at the Recent RHCSA Exam

    March 31 2015

    Adding yet another feather to our crown, PACE student, Ashen Udara Fernando obtained 300 marks out of 300 at the RHCSA Exam held on March 24... read more

  • PACE Institute offers RHCSA and RHCE  Classes in Sri Lanka -Thusitha Withanage

    Laurels to Thusitha for Earning Full Marks at RHCSA Exam

    March 24 2015

    It’s with a profound sense of accomplishment that we announce to you yet another remarkable achievement by a PACE student.Thusitha Withanage secured full marks.... read more

  • PACE Institute successfully concludes a training session in Microsoft Office for Sri Lankan Air Executives

    PACE Institute successfully concludes a training session in Microsoft Office for Sri Lankan Air Executives

    5.00 PM Friday / January 23, 2015

    Marking a yet another remarkable milestone in our journey so far, we, at PACE Institute, successfully ran a full day training session in Microsoft Office for the executives & managers at Sri Lankan Air. .... read more

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