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How to become a Linux System Administrator

Linux System Administrator

2.00 PM Thursday / January 30, 2014

Thilini Prarthana Bandara

Linux Operating System is taking the world by storm today. If you have been keeping up at least a little with the world’s trends, it is for sure that ‘Linux Operating System’ is the word that comes to your mind first when you think about ‘flexibility’ of operating systems. According to the current surveys Linux Operating System usage has been increasing since its first appearance in the computing world.

Cost effectiveness, stronger security from malware, freedom to control, many software choices, compatibility with hardware with barely any processing power or memory, flexibility and many other “user friendly” aspects of Linux have made it to penetrate more markets and is used by many enterprises and single users today. Linux Operating System is being willingly accepted for a wide variety of functions and in widely diverse devices, also gaining popularity with various local and national governments.

From the Android OS ,which is showing up in a multitude of handheld devices to that GPS unit on your car's dashboard to Amazon Kindle-the electronics reader that made e-reading famous to self-driving cars, otherwise known as autonomous vehicles-all these are running on good old Linux Operating System.

This expansion is in no doubt to be continued in the future, therefore considering of pursuing a career in Linux is a wise career decision since the demand for qualified Linux system administrators is quite high today.

So you want to become a Linux System Administrator? Here are our tips-

  • When it comes to Linux system administration getting hands-on knowledge is a must. So our advice is to get a version of the latest Linux Operating System up and running where you can play with it. Obviously Linux Operating System is the easiest to find and setup because of the open source nature of it.
  • Having a well accepted professional educational certification like Red Hat is sure to come in handy. Students who invest to follow Red Hat Linux system administration can have the peace of mind in the knowledge that Red Hat certifications have, and will continue to have, a good reputation in the marketplace
  • Also getting a job as a junior network admin/system administrator will surely reward you. Joining a LUG (Linux Users Group) that provides support and/or education for Linux users, particularly for inexperienced users and exploration on Linux Operating System usage on your own is also very helpful
  • Learning from someone who knows the area-specially the practical aspects; is a great way. Most of the successful system administrators learnt from experienced mentors who could give a wider understanding of the system administrator related functions of the Linux Operating System.

Therefore getting a well paid Network Administrator Job is not going to be a difficult task if you follow these tips.

Sounds interesting?

Red Hat is one of the most in-demand Linux certifications on the global market and, with Linux becoming a major part in the market share, the value of the certifications is sure to continue that way into the future.

One of the attractions that set apart Red Hat certification from other similar certifications is that the exams are performance-based hence the students are tested on their aptitude to operate in a live system as they would in real-world situations.

There is good news. Now you can obtain globally accepted Linux System Administrator certifications here in Sri Lanka with lessons taught by professionals who are working as Linux System Administrators themselves. PACE Institute is one of the first educational institutes to conduct classes and offer the testing center facility for Red Hat System Administrator exams. Also as an out of the box thinker, PACE Institute is geared up with sophisticated learning facilities, to offer a distinctive learning experience to its students.

Interested? Call +94 11 5923500/5 or visit PACE INSTITUTE at No.370, Level 3,High Level Road, Pannipitiya to get more details on becoming successful System Administrators.

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