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BCS Certificate in IT Study Materials & Resources - Information Systems

Information Systems

10.00 AM Friday / January 10, 2014

Thilini Bandara Copy Writer for PACE Institute

BCS -The British Computer Society credentials are leading IT qualifications followed by top IT professionals all over the world. Now you can study and sit for BCS exams in Sri Lanka.


The BCS Certificate in IT focuses on the following core modules

  • Information Systems
  • Software Development
  • Computer & Network Technology

BCS Certificate in IT - Information Systems

This module covers the following topics: systems analysis and design, database systems, data analysis and management, systems and organizations.

Aims of this module

  • To develop an awareness of the nature and use of information and information systems in an organizational context
  • To introduce the various techniques used within systems analysis and design
  • To foster an appreciation of the different types of methodologies used in the system development process
  • To provide an introduction to database management systems

Prior Knowledge 

Not expected

What you will be studying


  • The nature of information; acquisition, presentation, storage and management
  • Characteristics of data; data capture and collection
  • Data processing and data modeling
  • Simple statistical measures; mean, mode, median, standard deviation
  • Tabular representation of data; histograms, interpolation
  • Requirements analysis and prototyping
  • Fact finding methods
  • Security, integrity and control
  • File management; organization and access methods
  • Database design issues; entity modeling, normalization, logical/physical mapping
  • Database design issues; entity modeling, normalization, logical/physical mapping
  • Functions of database management systems and database administration
  • Introduction to multimedia and hypermedia


  • The systems development life-cycle and its implications for software design, coding, testing, implementation and support
  • Prototyping and systems development tools
  • Structured systems analysis and design techniques
  • Hard and soft system methodologies
  • Rapid application development and prototyping techniques
  • Object-oriented modeling
  • Human computer interface (HCI) design aspects


  • The flow of information in an organization
  • Basic idea of management functions and structure of business and other organizations
  • Personnel and social considerations in the consideration of new systems
  • Management of computer systems, staffing, maintenance, project management and scheduling
  • Quality assurance aspects and methods

BCS recommended reference books for this module

  • Britton & Doake, Software Systems Development – A Gentle Introduction, McGraw-Hill, 2005, 0077111036
  • Date, C. J., An Introduction to Database Systems, Addison-Wesley (8th Ed), 2003, ISBN: 0321189566
  • One of the standard works on database systems. Candidates should concentrate on the basic concepts of database and database design.
  • Kendall, K & Kendall, J. E., Systems Analysis & Design, Prentice-Hall (6th Ed), 2003, 013127323X

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