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Are you an Employer? Get to Know How a Red Hat Certified Professional Can Help You!!

Red Hat for employees

5.20 PM Monday / December 02, 2013

Thilini Prarthana Bandara

Red Hat Certification as an Employer Resource

We all know that our human resource is an important asset. Especially if you are a tech based company the IT staff plays a major role in running the business. Here is when Red Hat comes into play in helping you to make your team successful. If you are looking for new system administration professionals, it doesn’t hurt to get to know more about Red Hat’s Certified System Administrators. Red Hat Certified Professionals are proven. Unlike most of the other certifications, if someone is sitting for a Red Hat examination they have to show that they know what they are talking about! The guy you will hire will have gone through a set of rigorous, hands-on, lab-based exams to show their knowledge and skills so you don’t have to have second thoughts in deciding hiring them.

So what do the job seekers have to learn from our little story above? The reason that Red Hat Certified Professionals are sought after is because your potential bosses know that you are a much valuable guy to hire. Therefore if you are a student looking to get yourself qualified or an IT professional looking to broaden your scope, don’t you think its high time that you go for a Red Hat qualification-we think so!

Employers! If you need more information on how to get hold of a properly qualified professional here are a few tips!

Find a Red Hat Certified Professional

You can easily search for Red Hat Certified Professionals by location and certification by using the search tool in the Red Hat website.

Verify a Red Hat Certified Professional

Red Hat website gives you the facility of verifying a certification ID and confirming that someone is certified by Red Hat.

Not only that! Build and develop your team

You can use Red Hat’s skills assessments, flexible training options, and performance-based testing to build a proven team in your organization.

Do you Know Why Employers Around the World Rely on Red Hat?

It’s no secret. Red Hat is your partner in building and developing an effective technical team. Red Hat®'s hands-on, practical certification exams prove that the Red Hat Certified Professionals you hire and manage are qualified to work with your Red Hat products. Learn how Red Hat certifications, skills assessments, and training—both self-paced and instructor-led—can help you develop a team of professionals ready to lead you into the future.

Here are a few things what some people had to say,

"Red Hat certifications enabled me to become a subject matter expert, a mentor, and best of all, a contributor."

Mayor Hayden, RHCA - Architect, Rackspace

"I think that Red Hat certifications are a differentiator in the market because Red Hat solutions are pretty widespread in the market.And I think being recognized as a specialist in these techologies brings a competitive edge which I think is beneficial to the career of any professional in the area."

Rafael Guimaraes, 2013 Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year,RHCE,RHCJA

“The skills I’ve acquired during my progression through the RHCE and RHCA certifications have enabled Emergent to accelerate it’s business growth into the open source market”

Quint Van Deman, 2011 Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year, RHCE, RHCA - Director of open source consulting, Emergent

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