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Reasons to Get Java Certified-Here Are the Top 6

JAVA Programming

5.20 PM Monday / December 02, 2013

Thilini Prarthana Bandara

Java certifications are highly recognized IT credentials in the industry and if you are an owner of one you are assured of many opportunities and immense career growth! There are a lot of reasons why you should get Java Certified, but here we are presenting you the Top 6.

1. You will be Hired Over the Non - Certified Professionals

Looking for a new job in the market? This is when your Java certification comes in handy. You will stand out from non-certified candidates because the recruiters are specifically looking for qualified professionals like you. According to a recent survey by Comp TIA, nearly 64 percent of the IT hiring managers rate IT certifications as having extremely high value in validating skills and knowledge. Eight in ten human resources (HR) professionals surveyed believe IT certifications will grow in usefulness and importance over the next two years. Recruiters also often seek out those with Java credentials.

2. Higher Earning Potential

This is one of the key reasons of course! Certified individuals usually earn much better salaries than non-certified counterparts. Here are some stats from recent a research that supports this trend:

  • According to a recent Foote Partners report, pay for Sun Certified Java Programmers rose 13.5% over the first three months of 2009.
  • The 2009 Certification Magazine Salary Survey also posted the following average annual salary results (x1000) for the following key Java Certifications with respondents from around the world which were are all up from 2008.
    • Sun Certified Java Associate - $84.52
    • Sun Certified Java Programmer – $93.75
    • Sun Certified Java Developer – $107.4
    • Sun Certified Web Component Developer - $88.52
    • Sun Certified Business Component Developer - $93.91
    • Sun Certified Enterprise Architect - $108.36

3. This is One of the Most Highly Recognized Certifications in the Industry!

It’s not a secret that Java certifications are ranked topmost in the list of most renowned certifications in the industry. Over 500,000 Java certified professionals worldwide and more and more people registering for the qualification everyday prove this further. Whether you are just getting started with Java or have years of experience in the industry, you can validate your skills with a Java certification as there is a complete certification path from an Associate level to Master level. Especially because the Java Certification path has been worked out to side with real-world job functions and practices, you can concentrate on areas relevant to your job and career goals.

4. JAVA Deals with Essential Skill Gaps that Others don’t Cover

Most of the similar certifications cover the same kind of syllabuses and what’s different about JAVA is that they tackle most of the essential parts that are missed out by the others. Getting trained for Java certifications does more than preparing you for mere exams. The hands-on training harnesses you to be a better programmer or a developer.

5. Trained Java Developers and Programmers are in High Demand

According to a recent study, Java development has supplanted IT security as the most difficult skill set for hiring managers to locate. Additionally, Java and Java EE Development has once again topped the Foote Partners 2013 IT Skills Hot List.

6. There is a Chance That Your Employer May Pay For It

As it is profitable to the company because of the value it brings to the organization and also to support the employees’ career growth many companies support training and certifications for their employees. Most of the IT companies do this these days and your company may be one of them!

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